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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had done the 27km Kattamordo Trail recently? From the research I have done it was a bicentennial project that wasn't well promoted once the internet age came upon us. Looking at the brouchure I found on google from 1998, most of the trail has been converted to bits of the Munda Biddi and other mountain bike trails.

Would love to attempt it but believe it wouldn't be that much fun if I had to dodge mountain bikers all the time. I know I don't like them on walking trails so I'm guessing they don't like us on theirs.



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did you get an answer Mark i was looking at doing this walk as well.


Hi Karen,

I did end up doing it and it was a blast. Went the wrong way a couple of times but that's all part of the fun. if you want to see what it is like.

Otherwise email me at and I can send you a GPX file so you can better plan your hike.

Thanks Mark got all the details from google earth i was trying to work out myself was pretty close to your route, haha...yep plenty of places to tent in bush as well so I can halve it just need to carry a bit more water thats all.

thanks for your help


one more question Mark is the trail marked?

In places the original markers are still there but I wouldn't rely on them being there all the time. After the orchard there are plenty and along Mundaring Weir Rd up to Mundaring there are some.

ok thanks haha


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