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Need to fix or modify your outdoor equipment? This may help!

Just heard about a product called Sugru which can be used to repair hiking boots,  patch up punctures in thermarests or gore-tex rain gear, customise bike handles, mend phone screens and hundreds of other things - sounds handy!   Anyone used it?  If so, what for?

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I have not used this product however there is another I have used recently......

earlier this year my old faithful (16 to 17 years and well over 10000km) Scarpa SLs let me down while I was on a track maintenance sortie to Woolbales. They delaminated from tow to arch.

I had heard of a product called Shoe Goo (spelling is crucial as this sounds similar when pronounced after a drink or two, to the product trailtalk refers to or a Sellys's product called shoe glue) and managed to stumble across some on a visit to Perth as despite Rebel Sports being listed as a retail supplier they do not stock the product. I located it at a shoe and key kiosk at the Inaloo Shopping Centre.

I purchase the black/negro variety and have reattached the soles. After good cleaning preparation I took great care to ensure it was not applied too thinly or too excess. I clamped the soles to the upper using a good wrapping of gaffa tape and left them to cure for at least 24 hours (probably in this case a week or more).

I have now assigned the SLs to being farm boots and have used them almost daily for the past couple of months on the farm including days on end in mud that would rival the goo on Tasmania's infamous South Coast Track  The boots have held together and show no sign of separation.

If you are able to get the surfaces to be attached clean and dry then have 24 hours to sit around I would recommend this product to get you out of trouble as a short term solution. I guess if you were doing an extended walk, provided you followed the instructions, the repair would certainly get you to the next location where you could replace your footwear, though probably not to a high standard. In the case of the Bibb track this could be hundreds of kms.

Hope you never need it.


Thanks for the great tip!

Disaster struck when our puppy chewed my favourite sandals (actually biting right through one of the straps) - and I found that they don't make this design any more!

So... I got some of this Sugru - and sure enough, they're fixed - and comfy! They might not look glamorous - but then, sandals and socks at a campsite isn't a glamorous look anyway :)


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