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Out of the "catastrophic" O'Sullivan (Northcliffe) Fires there are a number of positives.

Very hot burns often stimulate and awaken varieties of wild flowers unseen for years and this year the fires have given us the best display of uncommon to rare orchids in the past ten years. BUT they won't last so you should plan to get into the area as soon as you can even if you are not an orchid buff they are truly amazing.

You don't need to plan a walk from Nortcliffe to Dog pool as most of the burnt area is accessible from open public or forestry roads. A run to Windy Harbour would also pay dividends but once again do not leave it too long or they will not be there. Many of the varieties you will not see again for many years as "Hot" fires are rare.

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Hi Alex,

thanks for the tip - do you have any photos?  


A few pics of some more common orchids and things



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