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Talk about where you rode over the weekend.

This weekend I rode on friday because I have to work all weekend. Friday afternoon at dead cats trail, gravel look, 220 trail and rays trail. It was just after the rain, hence sweet traction and a lot of fun. Parked at rays trail and already a car parked there, also had some friends ride it all earlier in the morning. saw their tyre tracks.

Like riding in winter, the trees always look fresh and healthy and plenty of traction on the trail make for a fun ride.

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Monday I ventured to Collie for a ride with the CMTB passed through some rather nice bush. 25kms is what I was told we'd be doing. After not riding for about 2months 44kms was a flogging I copped.

9 June 2012

This weekend I rode the dead cat trail, gravel pit loop, the 220 trail and zipped around rays trail.

Two weekends in a row, same stuff, but I know next weekend will be different.

The rain is making these trails hard and fast, but its also making the logs wet and slippery.

I took my new Freeride bike out for its first roll on Sunday at the Goatfarm skills park, I took it very easy as I haven't ridden in over 6 months but was happy with the bike & not falling off.

I didn't get to do any trails but I took my beach cruiser along the Bunbury back beach and topped off the delightful day of cruising by having a few pints while watching dolphins swim about.

Hi guys

I left the fat wheels in the shed and took the skinny wheels out and explored some of the really good sealed metro pathway systems.

Did not get out on the mtb bike this weekend,

But I did get a chance for a snorkling trail on the reefs around Redang Island off Malaysia.

Warm water, plenty of coulourful fish, and a big fast boat for a taxi.


Have a look at the Dunsborough Enduro ride from Sunday. Kim has taken some great photographs.

This week I rode a "TOP TRAIL".

Yup, you guessed it, after seemingly months off the bike(most proberly was), I rode the Boylan/Grizz top trail.

It had just rained, the tail was in excellent condition.

Managed to sneak in another ride today.

Again on boylans/grizz.

Two rides in two days.. awesome. bring on spring.

Great weather for it.

Today I road Rays trail setting a personal best  time of 28:56 mins.

Managed another ride within two days.

This one was on the deadats trail-linkins- then exploritry ride with a flat tyre change.

Caught up with the regular collie crew to ride with for a while, great to ride with a group for a change.

Dead cat trail is a fast flowing trail great for beginners to enjoy.

On the new Shake Rattle n Roll skills loop in Kalamunda.  This was my first try at mountain biking on a 'skills' track and it was nerve wracking but exhilarating going over the obstacles and negotiating the turns between the trees (yikes!!)

Many thanks to the friendly bunch of volunteers who organised the day including free skills clinics with rock 'n' roll mtb - if you're a newbie like me I highly recommend getting some tips from these guys!  


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