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Mount Gunjin Contractor Announced

A panel consisting of representatives from Westcycle, Department of Environment and Conservation, Department of Sport and Recreation and WAMBA have awarded the contract to construct the Mt Gunjin mountain bike trails to Dirt Art from Tasmania. Expressions of interest came from all over Australia and there were several high quality contenders. The criteria that the applications were judged upon were the ability and track record on delivery of projects of this size, experience and qualifications, resources and trading history. The aspect that separated the successful candidate from the others was their experience with the style of trails proposed for the Mt Gunjin area. Dirt Art have a contemporary style that we perceive is going to broaden the riding demographic that visits the trails in the Mt Gunjin area. Construction is to take place throughout summer with the trails to be opened for the start of winter 2013.

WAMBA win $45,000 NRM grant

WAMBA have been awarded a $45,000 Natural Resource Management grant from the State Government to re-align existing trails and create important new link trails to keep riders away from the Mundaring Weir Reservoir Protection Zone. Several kilometres of new trails are proposed with the goal of linking the Kalamunda Circuit to the Farrell Grove parking and picnic area. The grant will also allow WAMBA to undertake much needed environmental work to ensure that sustainable trails are provided into the future.


For more mtb news visit WAMBA

WAMBA delivers yet more new trails

WAMBA has gained DEC approval and has now completed works and signage on a new 1.5km link trail between the Black Stump pump track and the new skills loop at the Calamunnda Camel Farm. This important link is rated Green (Easy) and will remove the need for riders to utilise the busy road between these two points, providing a handy short cut back to the Camel Farm for riders on the full Kalamunda Circuit.

This trail is the first part of a larger Green (Easy) trail network.

Click on the link below to see the latest Kalamunda Circiut map.

Click here for more information.

Scorpion Trail

Through lengthy consultation with DEC and the gaining of a $45k Natural Resource Management grant, WAMBA has secured the official sanctioning of the existing unauthorised but popular Warm Up trail and Scorpion trail, over in the Dell area. This also includes additional link trails to allow better trail connection into and from the area.

However significant works will need to be undertaken before this official sanctioning occurs, including trail realignments to Scorpion Trail itself, specifically to make it more sustainable and to relocate it’s current access point away from the Mundaring Weir Reservoir Protection Zone. There will also be the construction of new and improved link trails back to the Kalamunda Circuit and further works to revegetate and close some unauthorised creak and road crossings.

It is anticipated that this first stage will be completed within the next year, and forms part of a bigger proposal to eventually link over to the Farrell Grove area. WAMBA are still working extensively with DEC to achieve this goal and hopes to have some more good news in the beginning of 2013.

President’s Report # 1
17th Feb 2013.

G’day Everybody,
As promised this is my first report on what the South West Mountain bike club has been up to.
First of all: Ride days for 2013.
9th of March will be the SWMTB’s first club ride. We will be heading off at 4.00pm Saturday afternoon.
Yes, yes it is the day of the W.A. State elections, but what better excuse for a ride do you need!
Leave your voting till the afternoon, pack up the bikes and family, get the voting done and head up Pile road, to the bottom car park (just up from the Wild Bull brewery on your left) and let’s go for a ride!
The club will have experienced riders that know the trails available to guide the group around.
We are aiming for a club ride once a month for now, always leaving from the same spot, at the same time on the Saturday afternoon. The only change will be in the winter when we leave earlier due to the light. I’ll let you know when this change occurs.
The first few maintenance days have been decided upon: 17th March, 19th May, and 21st July.
We will be trying for one every two months. A program of works has been organised for each day.
The first one will involve pruning trail edges. Once again meet at the bottom car park at 9am, we will demonstrate some correct techniques to be used and split into groups to tackle the trails. 
Over the next few months you may notice some trail counters running across your favourite trails.
These are kindly supplied by DEC to help us count the number of riders frequenting the Mt. Lennard trails. The information these will record, help us with maintenance and future trail development.
The club is also in the process of submitting a grant application to upgrade the signage on the trails.
This will make it much easier for everybody to use the trails without getting lost!
The upgrading of the bottom car park at Pile rd. This is part of the South West MTB Plan which Cyclewest will be advertising for a consultant very soon. With the project brief decided upon, we must bide our time and follow correct procedures for this plan to go ahead. Once it has, the DEC has indicated they will apply for funding and come up with a design brief for the area in question. 
All in all I’d say the club is really forging ahead in 2013. 
Why not be a part of something special, join with us and keep the momentum going!
See you on the trails!
SWMTBC President: 2013.

Great turn out for workshops in the south west re. the development of trails and tourism opportunities.

Funding announced for trail hubs project - read more at the following blog...

WAMBA are extremely excited to announce that the new Mount Gunjin redevelopment is complete and the trails are open and ready to ride!

This is the largest project that WAMBA has undertaken, has taken several years in planning and execution and substantial funding, the majority of which has come from a Lottery West trails grant. The trails were constructed by Dirt Art (thanks also to them for the photos in this newsletter).

The new Mount Gunjin trails connect with the ever expanding Kalamunda trails network to now provide around 40km of singletrack in the area.

The flag ship of these new trails are three new descents from the top of Mt Gunjin, heading north-east back towards Mundaring Weir Rd. In addition there is a new climb from the end of these trails back to the very top, a new short descent west off of Gunjin to join Muffin tops and a slight re-jig to the existing trails which will improve the flow of riders in the area. For all the details read the WAMBA newsletter...

For the past few years WAMBA has been responsible for the development and maintenance of the Kalamunda mtb trails. To allow WAMBA to focus on broader and higher strategic issues they are handing over responsibility of these trails to the Kalamunda Mountain Bike Collective (KMBC).

KMBC have already made some great strides this year with a flourishing facebook group and construction of the new trails in the Scorpion/Farrell Grove area. They now have a full online presence including website and facebook page. Membership is available by donation. A minimum donation of $5 gets you a stem cap and discounts at local bike stores. Find out more about and join up at:


Facebook page:

Facebook group:


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