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Basically with this game, someone types a word and youve got to type a word that immediately comes to your mind, thats associated with the word.

Ill start off.




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Birthday....   bored in Canada? I have eaten many moon cakes this week but my highlight today is I bought a chocolate gateau for one of the ladies in the office (no bovine proucts in it) as it was her birthday and what we might take for granted, elevated her to some level of euphoric happiness. Like a student from a certain school after their first sugar cube experience.

Candles....... Loving Canada... leaving Banff today... I was thinking of the Mooncakes we will try in Hong Kong on the way back. It is interesting what we take for granted, others are over the moon about... I must invite you to certain said school one day... I would take up the challenge of convincing you that it is the other school in town that is the one to be concerned about :) Keep enjoying KL





Sandalwood         ..... mount romance..... at a loose end Snoopy?

forest .... 1am here.. should be going to sleep, but napped this arvo.. wide awake.. you still in KL?

Fire... yep still KL at work so see email alerts pop up pretty much as they happen. Fly home ( Aus ) Thursday midnight to ES clear acvantage here is being the same time zone.

Fly .... yeah, I am 14 hours behind... supposed to be spending time in HK on the way home (9-12 Oct)..will have to watch these riots.


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