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Basically with this game, someone types a word and youve got to type a word that immediately comes to your mind, thats associated with the word.

Ill start off.




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North west

passage...      r u bored in Japan?

Ship. I am. Have to be at work for 39 hrs a week with nothing to do until April. Doing my head in. I go to work to work. At least I can travel during the weekends.

Shape  I'm not (bored) just on fire standby so around the house

Square. I have heard about all the fires and the damage to the track. So sad. I am glad everyone is safe though. Trying to decide where to go next weekend. 1st world problems.

Hole       ..round peg



Sea. (Oh I wish... I'm missing the ocean)
Side. (Where has everyone gone?)

Line.....   FIRES for me. just about to go back after getting to bed at 0330

Cross. Stay safe Alex.


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