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The South West Club Has put a formal submission into DEC to legalise the Collie single track out on the Harris river Rd. Recently we rode around with DEC officials showing them the trails and discussed the pros and cons of the trails, being picky to try and weed out any potential problems with the track.
It was just after heavy rains, which showed up any potential erosion issues, Suprisingly there were very few problem areas.

The trails will be looked after and maintained by the Collie riders, led by Erik from Crankin Cylces and fully backed up by the South West Club. (if its approved) Great to see the local bike shop get involved and taking responsibility and putting in the effort for getting trails formaly legalised. I see it as leadership from comercial operators of putting their effort into trails advocacy as a good example of a good example.

The main issues DEC pulled out of the bag was parking and access, in case of emergency.
Main Access was an issue, as the original access road was on a bend and hill, creating a dangerous situation, after a good look around, we found an area of the side of the road, that with a bit of work could easily be converted to a parking and access road.

These trails have been come of age and are some of the best in the state for fun factor to ride.  Some fine tuning has taken place over the last 6 months creating good flow and improvement of sustainability.
Technical sections, rocky sections, log rides, log overs all with B lines for beginers to avoid anything they are not sure of. I forgot to mention the section of fully bermed corners, one after another which can be taken at speed without need for touching the brakes.

With plans to hold some xc racing, I can see this is going to be one of the best new tracks to race on in WA. 

Fingers crossed for a happy result for the submission.

John Wallace

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Collie DEC have now cleared a car park at Rays trail by sending some big machinery in and doing a proper job.
You can now drive a lowered sports car in without ripping the guts off the bottom of your car.
It still needs some tidying up, but its all a step in the right direction as far as facilities for riders is concerned.
This cost the SW club nothing.

Thanks Collie DEC


Couple of pics of the new car park.Fresh after the big machinery smashed it in.



Safe for 2 wheel drive, no boggy patches or worry of scraping the bottom of the car.

Its official.

Rays trail is now the newest legal mountain bike trail in WA. DEC have given the green light after going through the internal process of it being signed off from its different departments.

Next step is to hold a maintainance day to give it a clean up, directional signage to show the riders where to go, and finally a trail head to show a map of where you are.


Some of the groups and people involved so far :

SWMTBC.             Putting in the submission for the trail

Collie DEC.          Dealing with the submission process, pledging directional signage. Putting the car park in.

Crabkin Cycles.   Sponsoring the trail head sign.


Thanks to all those involves so far. 

Putting in directional signage on rays trail.



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