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Great 2 days just talking about trails.
Joey Klien from the USA, a world trails guru, employed by IMBA(International Mountain Bike Association) gave a two day presentaion on sustainable trails.
Nic Bowman the IMBA oz rep also gave a presentaion of whats happening in the eastern states.
Trail builders, DEC officials, Club officials, WAMBA, mtb tourism, plus a whole heap of others involved in the industy.

The 1st day involved Joey klien talking and giving a presentation to the stake holders present, about whats going on around the world and how it all fits into place. Plenty of discussion and good examples were used from around the world including WA based trails(shouth shore).

A presentaion about Dieback was given of the pros and cons and how to minimise any impact form mtbing. This was really interesting and got the questions going from the audience.

Later in the day we drove out to an area earmarked by DEC as potential, with the correct planning for a permament trails area. Which led right out next to the colonial brewery.

We had a drive around the new area and all were pleased with what we saw concerning the hills and volume of area we could play with.

The Bramley forest is in dieback affected area, with a preferance of keeping activity away from dieback free areas. This is in line and similar to what is happening at the Meelup regional reserve.

Riding will be permitted within dieback areas only, trying to preserve the dieback free areas.

The pine plantation is an operating plantation, so every now and then it will be logged, thinned and new planting, which will affect any long term trail building, however the environmental impact is minimal as compared to the native bush.

The dirt in the pine plantation looks suitable for dirt jumps, pump tracks and flow tracks. its easy to build with and sticky to ride. There is already some dirt jumps there, however with proper planning, it could be made into a complete park with short and easy push up or shuttle track.

One of the topics discussed, was the progression of riding styles, bikes and trails.
To start with, in the beginging was there were two disciplines, xc and dh.

Now there's more than you can poke a stick at.
Dirt jumps
Pump tracks
Free ride
All mountain
Slope style
Flow tracks

The bikes have progressed, so to has the trails.
Gateway trails is a new one to me, basically an easy style, family friendly trail that leads out to the more fun and technical trails.
Flow trail is another term which i havent heard before, but You will recognise it as an easy or beginer dh, very very easy, but just fun and flowing. Wide and non technical, or a family dh track.

Joey also talked about the differnt bikes manufacturers are making to suit every style of riding you can think of. The evolution of bikes is progressing faster and faster, trying to keep up with the differnt trail types.
That one bike that does it all is close, especially with all the technology filtering down from the experimental secret black box stuff coming from the pros.

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