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During 2009 we were keeping a very interested eye on who was doing what in the world of adventure. At the onset of the year, we hatched our own Outer Edge/ Wild Australasian adventure awards, which are about celebrating not only big budget expeditions but also the multitude of grassroots efforts that are the bedrock of true adventure. We wanted to commend and recognise those that push themselves out of their comfort zone and over the edge in their quest for adventure, no matter the motivation. "Just because" is good enough for us.

We also wanted to pay tribute to the people and organisations that lend their support and professionalism to the outdoor industrty. Without them, it would be a whole lot harder for eveyone to get their expeditions off the ground.

Outdoor Club Community Award

After Almost two years in hiberbation, the SWMBC reformed in early 2009 off the back of a couple of local trail enthusiast who have worked tirelessly to forge legitimate MTB riding in the southwest's plethora of forest. They were instrumental in getting the Mt Lennard Trail System's courses re-signed and since then the club has gone from strength to stength, with the committee focusing on new trails and trail advocacy and overseeing the development of downhill trails and events. The club also proved a front of knowledge and support for the Cape to Cape MTB event, which touches on the group's regional remit.

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