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Trails WA is an independent for purpose organisation that exists to facilitate advocacy for and the marketing of a high quality trails network across Western Australia.

Formed in 2012, Trails WA was initially a foundation under the National Trust of Western Australia and evolved into an independent incorporated body in 2017, to secure the future of the website and to contribute to the development of a thriving world-class trails sector for our state.


OUR VISION – 2019 – 2022

Western Australia enjoys a thriving, unique and world-class trails network shared by locals and visitors alike.



To facilitate advocacy for and marketing of a high quality trails network across Western Australia.   


Trails WA is passionate about Trails.  Our key roles are:

  1. ADVOCACY - for a well planned, designed, constructed, maintained and marketed WA trail network.
  2. MARKETING - to stimulate and inspire the use of Western Australia's comprehensive network of trails.

To effectively support these functions Trails WA is currently working to build organisational capacity to deliver on priorities and sustain Trails WA as an organisation. This involves partnering and collaborating with key stakeholders to secure support and funding.


Organisation’s core activity

  1. Advocate – for a well-planned, designed, constructed, maintained and marketed trails network. This involves:
  • Lobbying all spheres of government and corporate and business sectors for support by championing the multitude of community, social, cultural, economic, environmental, health and tourism benefits of trail use and nature-based, heritage, Aboriginal and cultural tourism.
  • Encouraging world-class standards for our trails by promoting best practice in planning, design, construction and maintenance.


  1. Market - to stimulate and inspire the use of Western Australia’s comprehensive network of trails. This involves:
  • Evolving – ongoing strategic work on the development, functionality, currency, monetizing and sustainability of Trails WA’s digital platform, that hosts valuable information on the WA Trails Network.
  • Recognising and promoting high quality trails by profiling WA’s Top Trails, Bucket List Trails, Trail-based commercial operators and by developing accreditation for Trail Towns.

View our Strategic Plan.

Help make Trails WA the best trails website in Australia...

The upload of trails to the website is an ongoing process... much of the trail information has been collated by volunteers.  This requires recording the route (gps coordinates), taking high quality photos and writing a description for the trail (data sheet and instructions provided). 
If you would like to contribute please email to register your interest.

Join the conversation and help us achieve our goals:

  • Join the Trails WA website to rate and review trails, upload your trail pics and share trails with your friends.
  • Hashtag your trail photos #trailswa and we’ll share them on Instagram and/or Facebook.
  • Share your trail outings and photos on our group page
  • The Trails WA App can be downloaded here.

If you have any feedback or questions email

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Who do we speak to in order to encourage the Trails WA app being made Android compatible? That's very limiting that it's only for iOS.

An update of the current App and development of an Android version is on the Agenda.  It all comes down to funding... 

A survey requesting for feedback re. the Trails WA website and app will be circulated in the next week or two and will guide the next development phase.


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