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The Shire of Collie seeks to diversify from coal mining and power generation into other industries. As Collie River Valley is located only 2 hours from Perth and is surrounded natural bush and scenic landscape, the development of networks of trails has emerged as a key factor that could bring more tourists to Collie. As a Trails Town, Collie could be developed as a trails destination with sufficient trails and tourism activity and services to attract trail visitors and keep them for an overnight (or multi-night) stay. Trails can provide opportunities for new and existing businesses to service the additional trail users e.g. equipment hire, equipment servicing, transport, tours and tutorials/masterclasses.

Please see the link to the survey here and can be also found on the Shire of Collie’s facebook page on a post from yesterday. We invite you to take a few minutes to complete the survey and to share the survey with your contacts and through your channels. This will support the development of trails in Collie and guide the direction of the of this development.

Community engagement so far in relation to Collie trails has identified that they require links, loops and connectivity around Collie, bringing the focus of trails activity and trail services to Collie. Other infrastructure needed to develop the trails includes directional and on –track signage as well as developing itineraries and themed routes (trails and drive routes) to highlight Collie’s brand as an adventure destination and trails hub.

While there is much work to be done, this survey aims to seek feedback such as how far people would travel to experience Collie trails, how often they would use the trails, and the types of trails they would prefer. All responses will be compiled into a report that will be used to inform further strategically planning in the development of Collie as a Trails Town.



Andrew Dover

Director Development Services

Phone: (08) 9734 9022



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