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New snorkel trail to open at Coogee Beach

A new marine trail featuring artwork including a giant swim-through starfish is due to open this summer.

The Coogee Maritime Trail will begin at the northern end of Coogee Beach, just south of Port Coogee, Western Australia.

Just 25 meters from the shore, the dive and snorkel trail will begin at the Omeo and will include an artificial reef, underwater sculptures and educational signage. The trail can be easily accessed from the northern end of Coogee Beach via the beach access path from Perlinte View.

The purpose-built reef consists of 33 reef modules, ranging in height from 1m to 5m tall.  Flora and fauna are already being attracted to the area.

Land lovers will enjoy a universally accessible trail along the pathways at Port Coogee, which will feature maritime artefacts (provided from the WA Museum collection) as well as a viewing area to the Omeo Shipwreck.

For more information including a short video and photos visit the City of Cockurn website.

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