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Trail Town Accreditation Program Introduced

There is much work being undertaken throughout WA to foster the growth of trail tourism. Along with significant planning undertaken to guide trail construction and management, there are tens of millions of dollars being invested in trail construction across WA.

Trails WA has worked with both the departments of Sport & Recreation and Parks & Wildlife to develop an accreditation program designed to help regional communities become world class trail destinations.

The Vision for WA is:
Western Australia is recognized throughout the world as an
internationally significant trails destination offering amazing trail
experiences in exceptional locations across the state
(World Class Trails Hubs Strategy 2012).

Based on international best practice, the Trail Town Accreditation process focuses on improvements to the destination across a range of parameters. It’s a comprehensive destination-development guide targeted at attracting existing and potential trail users.

Why should my town be interested?

There is a large amount of evidence demonstrating the positive economic and social impact of trails.
Trail tourists, including cycle tourists, are known to spend more and stay longer.

They are low impact tourists with a high dispersal and they tend to engage in a broader range of experiences than the average visitor. As such trail tourists are an important growth market for the tourism industry in Western Australia.

In addition to economic benefits, trails are widely known to provide a range of social benefits including community cohesion, improved physical and mental health, youth engagement and increased environmental appreciation, awareness and education. Importantly, much of these benefits are experienced in regional areas.

The key to harnessing this opportunity is having a range of targeted services and offerings which meet the needs of the trail user. In addition to a good supply of well-maintained trails, these offerings include and range from coffee and food services to equipment hire, accommodation and tours.

The Trails WA Trail Town accreditation program is a tailored, best practice accreditation system designed to help communities become world class trail tourism destinations.

Once accredited, the Trail Town branding and Trails WA website will highlight and promote your town to trail users in WA and beyond. Joint promotion of WA’s trails and Trail Towns will raise the profile of WA to interstate and overseas visitors.

Download the Trail Town Accreditation Overview document here.

You can find out more about the Trail Friendly Business Program here.

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