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WA’s Top 10 Rail Trails

A hundred years ago, Western Australia had a thriving railway network that weaved its way from the South West to the Outback. Today, the trains are long gone but the railways remain, and lucky for us because these ‘rail trails’ make ideal paths for walking, cycling and horse riding.

One of the best things about rail trails is that they’re easy enough for all fitness levels. Trains aren’t good at climbing hills; so most rail trails are free from steep slopes and rough ground, making…


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Top 5 Family Friendly Walks in the Geographe Region

Located just two hours out of Perth, the South West’s Geographe region is a great choice for a quick getaway. Stretching from Harvey in the North, Peppermint Grove Beach in the South and Donnybrook in the East, this region gives you a taste of a range of landscapes, including white sandy beaches, dense jarrah and tuart forests, lush farmland and river valleys. It’s also home to some wonderful short walk trails, perfect for you and the kids to explore. Here’s our five favourite family…


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5 short walks in the Blackwood River Valley

With its green rolling hills and charming historic towns, the Blackwood River Valley is a breathtakingly beautiful slice of the South West.

During winter and spring, the region’s lush pastures, native wildflowers and pretty gardens burst into colour, making the Blackwood River Valley a wonderful place to enjoy a walk or two. To help you explore this region, we’ve put together our top 5 family-friendly short walks. Take your pick from trails that feature beautiful scenery, wildflowers…


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Top 10 Mountain Bike Trails in WA

It’s official; Western Australian’s have fallen in love with mountain biking. Adults, kids and families have embraced this high-energy way to explore and enjoy the natural landscape.

While WA may not be home to many mountains, it does have plenty of excellent mountain bike trails - everything from gentle kid-friendly loops near Perth, to challenging technical trails in the South West. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, you’ll find a mountain bike trail to suit you. To get you…


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5 short walks in the Southern Forests

If you’re looking to get back to nature this holiday break, why not head to the Southern Forests? While you probably know of the giant Karri and Tingle trees, the region offers plenty more to explore, like white sandy beaches, peaceful rivers and dramatic cliffs with incredible views. In fact, the Southern Forests are home to seven different national parks, which means you’ll have no shortage of things to see and do. Here are our five favourite short walks that will help you make the most of…


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Top 5 Family Friendly Walks in the Margaret River Region

Now that we’re well and truly into summer, a trip to the Margaret River Region is something every WA family should add to their to-do list. Stretching from Cape Naturaliste in Dunsborough to Cape Leeuwin in Augusta, the region offers so much for you and the kids to explore. Everything from rugged coastlines and underground caves to pristine swimming beaches and peaceful karri and tuart forests. We think the best way to experience all of this natural beauty is on a walk trail or…


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Three summer strolls in Perth

Firstly, if you’re planning on exploring a walk trail this summer; here are a few tips to remember:

  • Don’t overestimate your abilities.  Choose a trail that is suitable for the least fit or youngest member of your walking group.
  • Avoid walking during the hottest part of the day. Start early to skip the heat.  
  • Tell someone where you are walking and what time you expect to be back.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after your walk.…

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Munda Biddi Trip

I'm about to head off on a Munda Biddi End to End - I plan to leave updates and tips along the way. If you want to follow my trip, like my Facebook page and I will post regular photos and links to my blog. 

Facebook page



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WA's Top 10 Short Walks

What do you do when you want an outdoor adventure but you’re not in the mood to tackle a lengthy hike?  You choose a short walk trail, of course!

A short walk gives you your nature fix without taking up the entire day, and if you choose the right one, you’ll be treated to the same quality scenery you’d get on a longer hike. Whether you’re up north, down south or close to the city, there are plenty of short walk trails for all ages and skill levels to enjoy. To get you inspired, here…


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APPS for the Adventurous

A range of online and mobile resources are being rolled out with the $21.05 million, four year Parks for People initiative that is expanding camping and visitor experiences in parks and reserves throughout Western Australia. Check out the following free Apps and start planning your next adventure!…


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WA’s Top 10 Hikes

When it comes to breath-taking scenery, Western Australians are spoilt for choice. We’ve got pristine white beaches, magnificent giant Karri forests, striking outback plains and stunning red gorges. Even better, we’ve got hundreds of hiking trails that will take you through each of these incredible landscapes.

However with so much natural beauty on offer, it can be hard to know where to begin. To make your adventure planning a little easier, we’ve put together a list of WA’s most…


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Perth's Top 5 kid-friendly trails

Most parents will agree that getting kids off the couch and into the fresh air is a good thing. However, it’s a lot more important than you might think. According to Natureplay WA, exploring and enjoying nature is an essential part of a healthy childhood. Plus, it helps to develop your child’s resilience and creativity.

A great way to introduce your kids to the great outdoors is with a fun and easy walk trail. Not only…


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Perth’s Top 5 Waterfall Walks.

When you think of waterfalls, Perth isn’t usually the first location that springs to mind.

However, our city is home to quite a few, and thanks to the winter rains, they’re looking more spectacular than ever.  At Trails WA, we think there is no better way to enjoy these watery wonders than on a bushwalk, so we’ve put together a list of Perth’s top 5 waterfalls and the trails that will lead you to them.



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Day 62

Hewitt's Hill to Northern Terminus Kalamunda.

It all comes down to this. About 50 days of walking on average 20km a day with a 21kg pack through rivers, over mountains, hills, sand dunes, bridges, farmland, beaches, rocky outcrops and even in a canoe across an inlet. 990km down and a paltry 12km until I finish my end-to-end of the Bibbulmun Track.

The enormity of the task is all but lost on me during the last 12km. A huge range of emotions come in waves. There is euphoria… Continue

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Day 61

Day 61 Mundaring Weir Hotel to Hewitts Hill

Today was a very short walk of about 8km, so fittingly it will be a pretty short blog (maybe?).

I have walked these sections several times but still managed to take a wrong turn. Shows it can happen easily when you are not paying attention. It wasn't long before I realised though. One thing I learnt on the track is if something doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't. I have followed my gut instinct a few times and it has… Continue

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Day 60

Day 60 Waalegh via Helena and Ball Creek to Mundaring Weir Hotel

Today was going to be a long one; double hutting and in terms of terrain. But it was all good as there was a night of comfort at the pub as the prize.

It was a stunning morning with mist filling the valley below, birds singing loudly in the trees and the fire was still burning from the night before. I was originally awake at 0430, but managed to doze off until 0630 just before the sun came up. Waalegh… Continue

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Day 59

Day 59 Mount Dale to Waalegh via Beraking

I got off to a late start today but an enjoyable one; thanks to Matt and the bacon and egg breakfast. What a treat on the track. Matt is an absolute trooper for everything he has done for me. Not only last night and this morning, but also for doing the Northcliffe to Pemberton leg with me. I couldn't ask for a better brother than the one I have.

Today's stroll was around 20km the first part pretty much downhill from Mount Dale but… Continue

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Day 58

Day 58 Canning to Mount Dale

It was another very cold night and If I have any advice for people contemplating the Bibb, even sections, is don't skimp on your sleeping bag. I have probably banged on enough already but my synthetic bag has really let me down. The one piece of equipment that I regret. I wouldn't be surprised if it was less than 5 degrees when I got up just after 0600.

There is an unburnt section just past the hut which is really nice, but soon you are into… Continue

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Day 57

Day 57 Monadnocks to Canning

I slept badly probably due to being so cold as I was at Chadoora just out of Dwellingup. A clear star filled night beckoned the cold night. It was busy at the hut last night; 5 slept in and three tenting. To be honest I think those who tented would have been walmer. There was very little protection from a very cold breeze overnight. Remind me to buy a decent sleeping bag when I get home.

Still, it was only a short 16km day through some really… Continue

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Day 56

Day 56 Mt Cooke to Monadnocks

Overnight at Mt Cooke it absolutely bucketed down for hours. I was so pleased to be in my tent, but also under a iron roof. I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't have 30mm of rain. By 0600 the weather had all but blown over and I didn't even bother with the pack cover. I would be at Monadnocks before 1200 even with two sizeable climbs in front of me. It seems weird that I now look at the distance for the day and if it's less than 25km it's a short day.… Continue

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