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March 2016 Blog Posts (22)

Day 19

Today there was a decision to be made. Take it easy and walk to 16km to Gardiner Campsite or make the long push into Northcliffe which is 32km away? Suffice to say that Gardiner was completely razed during the Northcliffe fires, some 18 months ago, similar to Dog Pool. Since then the water tank has been replaced but that's it. No hut, toilet or even table. When I got there it resembled a construction site. Formwork is there for a foundation pour (rammed earth I'm told). Black sand everywhere… Continue

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Day 18

Day 18 is a long one, Dog Pool to Maringup overlooking the lake. Everyone raves about it, and now I am here I can see why. The bird noises are almost deafening and view across the lake is awesome. My feet are too sore to explore just yet.

Today was a touch over 25km, so I wanted to get away early to enjoy Maringup as much as possible. True to form I was late getting away at 7.30 but I would still get there before 3, all things going well. The first 6km are dead boring, following the… Continue

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Day 16

Day 16 Easter Monday and Hamish was up at a sparrows fart, which he had warned me he was likely to do and push off straight away. He was gone by 5.15am, so I got up keep to make an early start, packed and gone by 7, which was pretty good for me.

It was pretty flat, marshy ground for the first part so I managed a fair clip and was at the 5km mark not long after 8. It was fairly unremarkable terrain with burnt out sections making it even more barren until Broke Inlet Road, which is at… Continue

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Day 15

Day 15 Easter Sunday

My fellow campers were up early and wandering around, but I woke to feeling somewhat tired and feeling quite lethargic. It took a long while to get motivated to do anything including eating and getting packed up. I managed to push off around 8.30 knowing I had about 7km of sand dune and soft sand action first up until I reached Mandalay Beach for a wash.

It took what seemed an age to get there and felt like I was back on day 1 but with several kilos of… Continue

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Day 14

This was the day to leave Walpole. It was a little sad as I have always liked the town as a holiday destination. I had a fairly long walk ahead of me as I was intending to double hut past Mt Dale campsite and reach Long Point. Mt Dale is only about 11km out of Walpole, so not far enough to constitute a decent walk. Long Point it was; some 23km. I would be out of civilization and on the track for a week, so this was the last chance for a bacon and egg sanger, so I didn't miss the… Continue

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Day 17

Tuesday 29th March, day 17 sees me facing a 20km section to Dog Pool, which I was not really looking forward to. There is no hut there as it was burnt down about 18 months ago, and hasn't been rebuilt. Everything was destroyed by the fire; water tank, hut, bridge and toilet. The toilet and water tank have been replaced and bridge is a work in progress. They better get a riggle on or the track will be impassable during winter due to rising river levels. So it's a tent night tonight. Not such a… Continue

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Opening of the Pilgrim Trail

Opening of the Pilgrim Trail

More than 200 years after Dom Rosendo Salvado was born, a trail has been created in honour of the renowned Spanish Benedictine monk who walked from Perth to establish the Benedictine Monastry Community in New Norcia. The Pilgrim Trail was officially opened on 1 March 2016 by Her Excellency, Kerry Sanderson AO,…


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Day 13

I won't bore you too much with the details of Day 13 except to say it was Good Friday and I didn't walk anywhere except to the shops to buy food. I justify that with the term "carb loading", but in reality I was taking the opportunity to eat conveniently. Received my food drop from some friends holidaying in Denmark, so I am locked and loaded for a week on the track. Northcliffe next Friday all going to plan - approximately 140km.

Keep smiling everyone

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Day 12

Day 12 started after a pretty restful night at Franklin River campsite all to myself. As I said yesterday it is a really nice one right on the river, well constructed, very peaceful. I slept in by track standards until 5.45. I am pretty well know as a "ginner" i.e. someone who fafs around and is usually late. On the track it does take a while to have breakfast, make up your gear and pack everything from scratch. But I was pleased to get away at 7.30. I also was pretty pleased with the food I… Continue

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Day 11

Day 11

The day started quite early, around 2am with a rodent rifling through my gear to find food. Soon after the rain started and has not stopped since. I did manage a bit more sleep but my back is still giving me some grief. I think I need to toughen up some yet.

I'm pleased I am not hitching in the rain from Walpole and then doing more than the 15km to Franklin River today. I don't mind the rain, but I'm concerned for my gear. There is nothing worse than sleeping in a… Continue

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Day 10

Day 10 seemed to morph with day 9 in some bizarre way. It turns out I wasn't alone at the Rame Head last night. A couple stumbled well after dark having left Peaceful at 3.00pm. I got the impression they would have preferred an empty campsite, but they were good enough to share some of their two litres of Cab Sav straight from a silver bag. An expected bonus on the track.

Slept really badly last night. Woke up what seemed like dozens of times. Couldn't get comfortable and the wind… Continue

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A Journey from Boys to Men

In 2000, Mr Greg Peck, the Scotch College Boarding House master at the time, decided that some of the ‘boys from the bus’ needed to get away from the city and head back to nature. A perfect opportunity was to walk the Bibbulmun Track. A number of the boys who were in boarding, live somewhere along or nearby the 1000km Track and it was therefore a double win for those boys who were heading home.

It began as a walk here or there but soon turned into more of a structured programme. It…


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Thinking of you!

You are doing so well! Proud of you. We are enjoying reading your posts.... Living vicariously through your adventure, haha! Congratulations on exceeding your fund raising goal!!
Take care of your self, love you heaps, Vla and michael

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Day 9

Day 9 was a pretty special day for a number of reasons which I am very pleased to share with all and sundry.

Firstly I woke up in a place called Nutkin Lodge, about 10km out of Peaceful Bay. Yes this is a gratuitous plug but it's my blog and this place deserves it. I cannot say enough good things about it. I arrived after dark with the property littered with kangaroos grazing over the open fields. The views… Continue

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Day 8

Day 8 held a pretty long walk from Boat Harbour to Peaceful Bay and as it turns out I was going to make it a bit longer due to missing a turn off later in the day.

I was off before 8 and more of the up and down dune action some in soft sand which makes the going tough. I reached Little Quarram Beach probably a bit later than I would have hoped but knew after a bit of a dog leg back into the dunes that I would have white sand under my feet. Truly spectacular views west down the coast.… Continue

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Day 7

A short stroll from William Bay and down the road and you can be at Green Pool, but I chose to stick to the track and head for Mazzoletti Beach. Boots off and head down. Awesome to have sand and salt water soothing my sore and blistered feet. Not a soul to be seen at least until you get closer to Parry Beach. Saw a wedgetail eagle hovering above me looking for breakfast. As nice as it was on the beach 8km in sand is well enough. Parry Beach has a caravan park and really not much else. I ran… Continue

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Day 6

Day 6 has me leaving Denmark a day early. I decided to make up time as there is a 35km stretch between Boat Harbour and Rame Head that I will break up with an overnight at Peaceful Bay Caravan Park. Some luxury to look forward to.

Today was pretty tough as expected. Mount Hallowell is a bit of beast. At it's peak around 300m above sea level. Without a pack it is a reasonable challenge. But it had to be climbed. I reached what I thought was the summit with amazing views for 180… Continue

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Day 5 and blog up to date

Day 5 finds me in Denmark and after a broken but restful sleep I wandered into town for coffee, food and supplies for my feet. I was very diligent with hot spots and stopped when ever I felt discomfort. But that wasn't enough and I have blisters that will require plenty of attention back on the track.

My food supply was waiting at the Caravan Park luckily, so I have that squared away for the next leg. My pack will be at full capacity as I leave Denmark tomorrow. I have considered… Continue

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Day 2 14 March 2016

Not a flash nights sleep. I guess getting used to sleeping a bit rough. Looks like I might stay a bit dryer today. Clouds are patchy and wind will be at my back. A bit after 9 so time to make a start in the wet socks.

Pretty unremarkable walk through the dunes except for the vista. The view from the top is incredible in every direction. Past the rifle range and I got my first hot spot on top of one of my toes. Best advice I ever got is to stop immediately and deal with it. I had lost… Continue

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Day 4

Leaving West Cape Howe I though I was in for a relatively easy day. Apparently it's 15km to walk to Nullaki. Covered the first 5km in less than an hour, as the terrain was relatively flat and quite unremarkable. Things changed from here. Terrain was tough due to lots of uphill sections and lots of snakes, mostly tigers. And I mean lots! I thought it was a bit of a novelty spotting a snake previously but now I am almost preying not to see more. You have to remain very vigilant and focussed along… Continue

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