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5 short walks in the Blackwood River Valley

With its green rolling hills and charming historic towns, the Blackwood River Valley is a breathtakingly beautiful slice of the South West.

During winter and spring, the region’s lush pastures, native wildflowers and pretty gardens burst into colour, making the Blackwood River Valley a wonderful place to enjoy a walk or two. To help you explore this region, we’ve put together our top 5 family-friendly short walks. Take your pick from trails that feature beautiful scenery, wildflowers or local history – or better yet, explore all five! 

1. Blackwood River Walk, Bridgetown

Time: 1-3 hours

Length: 6 km

Difficulty:  Grade 1

The Blackwood River Walk is more than a short walk; it’s a magical experience. Starting at the Blackwood River Park, this 6km return loop meanders above the river, giving you blissful views of the tranquil pools and foaming rapids below. While the trail is enjoyable anytime, an early morning stroll during winter or spring is particularly beautiful, as mist fills the valley and the sun illuminates the tall trees and moss-covered logs. The trail is only minutes from the Bridgetown centre so you might spot a friendly local along the path.

Blackwood River Walk by Pelusey Photography

2. Oak Grove Walk, Balingup
Time: 1-3 hours

Length: 1.5 km (Loop)

Difficulty:  Grade 1

The Oak Grove Walk is not your typical South West trail. Rather than native flora and fauna, this easy 1.5km loop takes you through the heritage-listed Golden Valley Tree Park, which has WA’s largest collection of tree species from around the world. Given the wide variety of trees and the cooler Balingup climate, this is a walk trail you can enjoy during any season. However in autumn, the deciduous trees put on a show of red and gold leaves that is so dazzling, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the European countryside. The Oak Grove Walk is one of six trails in the park; other favourites you can explore include the Pear Walk and the Wattle Walk.

Golden Valley Tree Park, Andrew Thamo

3. Possum Tree Walk, Racecourse Flora Reserve, Balingup
Time: Less than 1 hour

Length: 1.9 km

Difficulty:  Grade 2

The Possum Tree Walk is a little oasis of native bushland between the farming towns of Balingup and Mullalyup. Located in the Racecourse Flora Reserve, this area was once home to a gymkhana and racetrack. Today the reserve is protected for conservation and makes an excellent place for walking and wildflower spotting. In spring, the trail comes to life with a rainbow of wildflowers that change from week to week. If you’re keen botanist, pick up a copy of a wildflower guidebook from the Balingup Friends of the Forest and see how many species you can tick off the list.

 Possum Tree Walk, Pelusey Photography

4. Mining Heritage Trail, Greenbushes
Time: 1-3 hours

Length: 3 km (Loop)

Difficulty:  Grade 1

Featuring old mining tunnels, trenches and hand-dug shafts, The Mining Heritage Trail is a short walk that that will take you over, under and around the historic town of Greenbushes. Starting opposite the Greenbushes Discovery Centre, this 3km loop leads you through jarrah forest and past a number of mine shafts, including the Mile Long Mine that was used to mine tin during the early 1900s. The trail finishes at the heritage mine lookout, where you’ll have an impressive view over the surrounding hills and the Talison Minerals Cornwall Pit.

 Mining Heritage Trail

5. Sheoak Walk, Kondil Park, Nannup
Time: 1-3 hours

Length: 2.4 km (Loop)

Difficulty:  Grade 1

The Sheoak Walk is located in Kondil Park Recreation Area, an old timber mill site just outside of the little town of Nannup. Named after the Sheoak tree that is common to the area, this easy and relatively flat trail winds through bushland, grass trees and a huge range of wildflowers. During spring you can expect to see plenty of kangaroo paws and orchids, including spider, cowslip, and donkey orchids. Another feature to keep an eye out for are kangaroos. If you stay quiet, you might even be able to catch a close up glimpse of these furry locals!

Sheoak Walk, Pelusey Photography

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