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A Flexible Itinerary for 3 Days in Sydney

Sydney is a world-famous metropolis and as such, it requires days or even weeks for a full tour and a real thorough experience of everything it has to offer. However, many of us simply pass through Sydney on our journey through the Land Down Under. So, even you don’t have enough time to see it all, you probably still want to see some of the highlights and we’re here to help. Since it’s a three-day visit, it shouldn’t be packed with too much stuff as you’ll just end up running around, but it still needs structure. Having that in mind, we’ll try and help you out by suggesting a loose plan for a fantastic short visit to Sydney.

Day 1

It’s best to start out motivated and ambitious. This is why you can do the highlights straight away. However, it’s best to start by visiting the city centre and the Town Hall and World Square, as well as the museum quarter. The Museum of Sydney has a lot to offer history-wise and it would be very educational. Nevertheless, it’s always best to get to know a certain focal point of a city or a part of it in order to get around more easily. After this, it will be easier to orient and find your way around. You can also ride to the top of Sydney Tower and get an even better grasp of the big picture. The next thing you should do is see the highlights. Use this first day to see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. There’s a harbour boat tour, so you can do it if you’re a fan.

Day 2

After a long and intense first day, it’s time to slow things down. This is why we suggest you take the second day off and spend it mostly at the beach. Bondi Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Sydney. It’s the largest and most popular beach in the city. On the other hand, if you’d prefer a more private place where you can also enjoy amazing surfing waves, you might want to consider getting gorgeous Maroubra Accommodation where you’d be able to have your own piece of the beach and one of the best locations to stay in Sydney in general. That’s not all. If you visit between May and November, you have a chance to witness the wonderful sight of whales jumping out of the water, it’s surreal. There are also hiking options. Malabar Headland National Park has a hiking track that’s connected to one end of the beach, so you can enjoy the walk and the great view of the water.

Day 3

On your third day, you should mostly explore the city. This means you can pay a visit to the Sydney Botanic Gardens with a breathtaking variety of species. The Garigal National Park is also an amazing place to visit, even though it’s a bit outside Sydney. Nature lovers are destined to fall in love with this place. There is also a range of activities to do such as kayaking, hiking and relaxing in various ways. If you decide to move your harbour boat tour to the third day, you can also go and see Cockatoo Island located in the middle of the harbour. It used to be a convict precinct and it keeps a special part of history if you’re interested. In addition, if you’re a space lover, you shouldn’t miss visiting Sydney Observatory where you’ll be able to see and learn some really amazing stuff about the universe.

Of course, your visit shouldn’t only be comprised of sightseeing. We simply pointed out some of the things that are worth visiting. It is up to you to decide which activities interest you and which don’t. Keep in mind that visiting a new city is also about exploring and experiencing. So, make sure to talk to the locals, try new food and drinks and walk as much as you can. Surely, huge cities such as this one require you to use public transportation, but you should try to walk along with certain areas in order to truly familiarize yourself with them. These activities will make you really feel the vibe of the city and get to know its energy.

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