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A Simple Travel Guide to North America

North American wanderlust is a unique kind of feeling - a notion yet to be named. It’s this special sentiment resembling something you may feel on a modern-day pilgrimage – not to a certain place, but through an entire country, following a faint scent of Route 66 melancholy. Whether you decided to spend your gap year backpacking or feel like going on a road trip with your friends, the journey will most certainly be a source of change in you – a change for the better. We are here to help you experience the journey and the change it brings with it the best way.

1. Planning the journey

However, you choose to make this urban expedition, we will try and make a compendium of the most important pieces of information you’ll be needing to create a successful trip plan. Keep in mind that North America is a vast place, which is why, unless you’re willing to dedicate months or years to this trip, the number of places that you can visit in one go is fairly limited. Moreover, just visiting places isn’t a solution either, seeing as how some cities deserve to be sampled for days, even weeks.

Overall, what you need to develop for the initial plan is a starting point and the checkpoints that you’ll encounter along the way. For instance, let’s say that you’re starting your journey from Quebec and New York City is the place where you want to start your visit. Getting there is the first obstacle that you would have to overcome. Sure, traveling by plane is more convenient, but this would rob you of some of the unique traveling experience. This is why a surprisingly large number of people opt for offers that include taking a bus from Montreal to New York.

2. Set the duration

There are so many things worth visiting, but your abilities to do so depending on the duration of the tour. Do you want a one week trip across the New England, a two weeks long Oregon Road Trip, a three weeks-long journey to the American South or do you have a full month to embark on the epic East Coast to West Coast Road Trip? Moreover, what is the focus of the journey? Are you interested in visiting all the biggest, most iconic metropolitan areas in North America or do you intend to pay a visit to some rural areas and national parks, as well? All of these questions need to be answered before you embark on your journey.

3. Packing for the trip

Depending on the duration of your travel, you might want to pack quite a bit for the journey. Then again, for a backpacker, this can be seen as quite inefficient. Just remember that North America is vast and regardless of the time of year, you won’t encounter the same climate in Vermont as you will in Florida. In a scenario where we decide to compare Mexico to Alaska, things tend to get even more extreme. This is why it’s absurd to even start thinking about making the list of things you should pack before you set your itinerary.


In the end, what you need to understand about traveling North America is the fact that A) it’s an incredibly vast region and B) the success of the trip mostly depends on your expectations. Like any other backpacking experience, the key part of the journey is a trial that will help you understand yourself. In other words, this is a journey on the path towards self-cognition as much as it is a traditional backpacking adventure.

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