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All you Need to Know about Cape to Cape Track, Margaret River region, West Australia

Western Australia is often overshadowed by New South Wales as a tourist trap. As a matter of fact, Victoria, Queensland and Even Northern Territories are more renowned for their (often) extreme topographical highlights than the western coast of the continent. This is a true shame because Western Australia has just as much to offer, if not more. Discovering particular highlights can be a real treat.

101 of Cape to Cape and Margaret River

Margaret River is not only a small town located roughly 260 kilometers south of Perth. It is the name of the entire region that stretches from Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. The distance between the two, if you were to draw a straight line, is around  93,76 km, and the town of Margaret River is situated somewhere in the middle of that line. This stretch is also a beloved walking trail that follows the coastline and treats trekkers with some of the most tranquil and breathtaking sites on this side of the continent.

Facts you need to know about the track

Cape to Cape Track, if you were to follow a well-worn trail between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin is between 125 and 140 km long, depending on certain sideway deviations (though most sources will claim that it twirls for exactly 123 km). When you take this into consideration, you should understand that it will take you at least 5 days to cover the entire route. This means that you should really do the necessary preparations beforehand and be thorough about it.

Some (light) preparation tips

If you own a comfortable backpack with a lot of extra pockets, you should be pretty much set when it comes to prep-framework. Add at least one extra pair of hiking shoes into the mix and fill your backpack with nutritious provisions that are modest in size - think power bars and wholegrain crackers. In order to stay green, consider bringing an ergonomic Camelbak water bottle along for the trip and discard the idea of plastic bottles completely.

The bottom line of what to expect

Get ready for a ‘barrage’ of astounding coastal scenery, lush forests and tranquil meadows. Many experienced trekkers were completely overwhelmed by the mosaic of beauties offered by the Cape to Cape Track. The key to its attractiveness and one of its leading upsides is the biological and topographical diversity of the region, which is so conveniently condensed along the trail.

Vegetation, rock formations, cliffs, caves and endemic wildflowers are plentiful throughout. It is truly a dream come true for avid outdoorsmen. While you are on the trail, there is one thing you should remember - wander off the beaten path in order to access some of the best highlights of the trip. Expect different kinds of terrain, including dirt paths, gravel, boards and asphalt.

Convenience of wine, dine and sleep

When it comes to comfort and options along the track, you should feel no trepidations. Leave your tent at home so you can travel light and book a room or a bungalow in one of many accommodation hotspots along the way. Smith’s Beach, Yallingup, Prevelly, Gracetown and other hamlets all have caravan parks, campgrounds that will have you covered and other types of accommodations. They also have places where you can restock on food and even diners and restaurants to eat. Of course, since this is a famed wine region, it wouldn’t hurt if you got sidetracked to a nice vineyard surrounded with bucolic scenery for wine and dine.

A walk to remember is not a middling trail that cuts through some shrubbery. It is an epic pilgrimage that lasts for several days, at the very least, and Cape to Cape track in Margaret River region is surely a perfect candidate for an unforgettable adventure. You don’t have to be an experienced hiker in order to undertake this endeavor, and you have an option to give up at any moment - you are not exactly cutting though the impenetrable wilderness with no civilization in sight. But why would you when the experience, as a whole, is so transformative?

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