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Bike Week WA 2019

Ok I have recycled a curbside rubbish pickup bike into a town bike. new brake-pads, new chain, cables n old seat (total $50). + Serious clean up.

Road though town saying hi to Mick Murray (department of sport n Rec), Erik from Crankn Cycles, Greg Pie n everyone else.

fun bike.

Have forgotten what its like to ride a non suspension, feeling every bump. It all works well and surprised at how much fun it can be. 

Looking at upgrading head stem and handle bars for a more "put together look". May need a new set of forks to accommodate head stem. Will consider full supervision forks an alternative. But it will always be a non expensive bike which fits into the formula  of (N+1) which means you have one bike but always (have/wish/expect/need/dream) another one just for the hell of it. True riders know the real meaning of N+1.

Having a simple bike just to go down town with flat pedals, simple gearing and no expectation of exceptional performance to have a coffee of just for a simple pub meal without having to put on special shoes, Lycra or gloves makes it a fun alternative than walking or taking a  car.

Awesome start for bike week.

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