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Busselton is such a beautiful place no matter what time of the year it is. I don’t know about you but when I’m down south I feel like I’m a world away from the craziness of life and the city. I can stop, relax and watch the world go by for minutes to hours. There is something in the air down there that makes me appreciate life and value time and nature.

I have been staying/ living down in Busselton for a few weeks now for a few reasons…

1. After living abroad for 6 years, my bedroom at my mums place is now an art room, office, storage room … if fact you name it, it is it! I even open the wardrobes and they are filled. I think it was a sign that she wasn’t expecting me to come home let alone move back home for a few months just while I get re-established.

2. My Grandma lives in Busselton and has TWO spare bedrooms and they are both empty AND I have somewhere to put my stuff. Sorry Mum, I still love you but it is so nice waking up to a clear space around me haha.

3. Grandma lives literally across the road from the beach… this equals awesomeness on all levels. I love the beach and water so this is perfect for me for the time being. I walk outside, cross the road, through the grassed area and happy days. I’m in heaven!

Life stops when your away right?

NO, not for me! I might be in Busselton for a little while but that doesn’t change some things such as exercise regimes and getting outside to explore. I think it is in my blood to roll out of bed and get my workout shoes on before 6.15am. Watching the sunrise is spectacular (See opposite).

 Walk, Cycle and Run the options are endless

I’m not sure the exact name of the pathway but it is the one that links Port Geographe with Dunsborough together... well anyways that pathway is my favourite path and I walk, run and ride on it every day. Grandma was telling me it is like 42km from one end to the other, not bad for a path I say. I road to Dunsborough from Grandma’s and it was 20km one way. As you are by the water most of the way it doesn’t feel that long. Coming back in the head wind is another story though! (Even at 7am).

People watching is my speciality

There is always something to see and keep you entertained while walking on this urban path. (Just look over to the beach and you will be entertained for hours.) I will share you this with you as I have never seen this before....  As I was walking into town the other day two kayaks were going past me. The first one included a guy, a dog and fishing rods and equipment. The other included a guy, a dog (sitting upright at the front like a captain) and an esky in the back. Has anyone else seen something like this before? Does anyone else do this? I just wish I had my phone on me so I could off taken a picture of it. It made me smile and chuckle to myself.


Another story to share with you... So I was sitting at the Goose looking out and I was overhearing the conversation next to me. The two girls where talking to each other about their cruise to some magical Island in the Caribbean. I then went onto Instagram and searched ‘Tropical Islands’. I suddenly I wanted to be transported there. I then stopped in my tracks and looked up and was like “This view is just like any one of those pictures. I’m in my local paradise. The water is Turquoise, the sand is white, the sky is blue” How lucky am I? How often do we take this for granted? #gratitude

Moral of the story... never take our backyard for granted. Never dismiss what is here. I’m not saying don’t travel and explore but what I am saying is that we have amazing places here and are up to world standard. Show people in other countries what we have and they will be blown away.


To conclude...

I know this blog isn’t trail focused but I wanted to share you that adventures are everywhere, we just have to be open to find them. It doesn't matter where you are living, you have to make the most of every day and explore. This weekend I am going to be hitting some more trails down here in the region. If you are down here please let me know as I would love to have some people interaction haha.

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