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I have just recently returned back to Western Australia from an overseas stint with a new desire to hike and explore local trails. I have always loved being outside and walking but things have gone to new obsession levels (Thankyou Canadian Rockies). There is something about trekking that makes my heart leap out with excitement. I don’t know if it is the fresh air, the serenity, the remoteness and the pure experience of being in nature. I know we (in WA) don’t have cascading mountains that are over 2000m high, but we have our own beauty that shouldn’t be bypassed or dismissed lightly.

My first WA hike for the year is going to be the Cape to Cape hike. Yes I’ve done sections of it growing up a youngster but I want to do the entire 130km. Not only have so many people recommended it, the pictures look amazing. Are you like me and are captured by Instagram images?

(Photo Credit: Australia's South West)

People who know me, know I’m very much a solo day hiker that goes a million miles an hour but when it comes to back country hiking … I call on my friends to join me as it forces me to slow down and appreciate the view and the journey. Let’s also not forget about the company! Who wants to walk a multi-day hike on their own? In saying that, finding people to join me for multi-day hikes can be rather challenging. When you do find someone it’s like hitting the jackpot!

After several phone calls and Facebook messages etc, I finally managed to find and convince a mate to join me on this adventure. I must admit, my persuasion skills have improved as I’ve learned the art of twisting their arms through bribes. Another trick is to send the person loads of images from Instagram and google and say “this is calling your name and that view is insane hey.”

So after successfully completing step 1 of the phone call, (obtaining my partner in crime) I took a breath and moved right into step 2…. Talking about logistics. It’s important to know how you are going to get to the start and finish, what accommodation is needed etc. For this hike, the good news is that my Grandma lives in Busselton so she can drop us off at the start and there is a bus from Augusta back to Busselton.

Step 3 of the conversation...the all-important topic of “what should we take”. I must admit, I have managed to refine my packing list over the years to the point where I now pack for a week of hiking and not a month of travelling, I like to now call myself a “practical hiking packer”. So I sent my friend my checklist of what we will need and he was like April…..

1. Do you have a tent? Mmm yes but it is still in Canada in my storage unit.
2. Do you have your camping kitchen stuff? Mmmm (Once again I had to think about this) yep but again it isn’t here with me as I was already of the limit with luggage.
3. Do you have your sleeping mat and bag with you? Oh I’m not doing very well am I?
4. Do you have your clothing here or in Canada he finished asking me? Here off course I replied. That was one bonus and something.

So after a few minutes of silence of working out what we should do, he agreed to buy it all and then sell it off after he does some other hiking across Australia. Thank goodness for online stores, gumtree and wholesalers as they have saved our souls.

With everything ordered and on its way to our door steps we can now say that our preparations are well under way. My next blog will be about the hike so watch this space.

Before I sign off, I want to hear about your multi day hikes. Do you go alone? How do plan a multi-day hiking trip? What items do you pack and what tips do you have for me for the Cape to Cape and for packing? (One thing I do know is that I can cross off bear spray this time!)

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