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Most parents will agree that getting kids off the couch and into the fresh air is a good thing. However, it’s a lot more important than you might think. According to Natureplay WA, exploring and enjoying nature is an essential part of a healthy childhood. Plus, it helps to develop your child’s resilience and creativity.

A great way to introduce your kids to the great outdoors is with a fun and easy walk trail. Not only will it get your kids moving, a nature walk is something the whole family can enjoy. To get you started, here are our 5 favourite kid-friendly trails that are easy enough for even the littlest of walkers.

1. Dwerta Mia Walk Trail, Yanchep NP
The Dwerta Mia Walk is the sort of trail that captures a child’s imagination. The name Dwerta Mia translates to ‘house of the wild dog’, as Aboriginal people once believed the area to be the home of dingoes and bad spirits. Today, the dingoes are long gone but the lush greenery, impressive cliffs and limestone caves remain, making this walk a family favourite. Located in Yanchep National Park, this 1km trail also features useful signage to give you a better understanding of the cultural heritage of the caves and how they were formed. Once you’ve finished the walk, you and the kids can check out the Wetlands Walk Trail or enjoy a picnic on the park’s grassed areas – you might even be joined by some curious kangaroos!

2. The Butterflies, Birds and Bridges Trail

Winding through wetlands, meadows, and a paperbark forest, The Butterflies, Birds and Bridges Trail is sure to bring out the explorer in any kid. Located in the Canning River Regional Park, this 4km loop trail runs along both sides of the river and crosses at Kent St Weir. Along the way, kids can have a go at spotting one of the 97 bird species that live in the area or watch the kayakers that regularly paddle along the river. While the trail can be completed in a couple of hours, you can easily turn it into a half-day adventure by bringing along a picnic or visiting the park’s other attractions including the Castledare miniature railway.

3. Jenna Biddi Yorga, Blackwall Reach
The Jenna Biddi Yorga trail is not only a beautiful cliff top walk, but it’s also a special place for the Whadjuk Noongar people. Running from Bicton Baths to  Point Walter along Blackwall Reach, this 2.1km trail takes you on a river journey, learning about the cultural significance of the area - including the white sands which were once a birthing place for Whadjuk women. You can learn more about the trail by downloading the free Geotourist app for a guided audio tour from Whadjuk Elders, Marie Taylor and Noel Morich. By following the tour, you’ll discover the delicious secret of the Wattle tree, learn the Whadjuk way to catch a fish, and hear the story of Djunda the Charnock Woman. Rich in scenery and culture, Jenna Biddi Yorga is a must-do walk for all Perth families.

4. Blue Wren Ramble, Ellis Brook
As you might have guessed from the name, the Blue Wren Ramble is a kid-friendly walk that offers the chance to spot a bird or two. Located in the beautiful Ellis Brook Valley Reserve, the 2.8km loop trail meanders through dense shrubs and woodland that are home to blue wrens, parrots, pardalotes and wedge-tail eagles. If you’re walking the trail during the morning or later in the day, you might even be lucky enough to spot a kangaroo or quenda. The trail does include an uphill but it is gradual enough for little legs to tackle – plus there is plenty of surrounding picnic areas where you can rest and relax afterwards.

5. Law Walk
It wouldn’t be a Perth list if we didn’t include a trail from Kings Park – and the Law Walk is one of the best. This 3.7km trail leads you through both the park’s botanical gardens and natural bushland, giving you a spectacular bird’s eye view of the Swan River along the way. One half of the trail is paved, while the other half is a sandy path through a Dryandra forest, giving the kids a chance to get dirty and explore. Another handy feature is that the Law Walk connects easily to the Lotterywest Federation Walkway, the elevated path that takes you through the treetops of towering jarrahs.

If you walk any of these trails, please rate and review them on the Trails WA website and upload your best photos.

You can also download all these trails to your iphone with the Trails WA App.


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