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Taking On the Bibbulmun Track – What You Need to Know

Australia is a country that has a lot to offer when it comes to hiking and outdoor sports in general. Considering the size of the continent and its diverse nature, there is no surprise that you’ll be overwhelmed by numerous options for hiking, cycling and mountain biking. Though each track is unique in its own way, there is one that simply stands out. It’s called the Bibbulmun Track and it’s located in Western Australia. Let’s see what you need to know should you decide to take on this marvelous track!


The Bibbulmun Track is a long-distance walk trail that runs from Kalamunda, east of Perth, to Albany, and it’s 1,000km long. Its name stems from the Noongar people, who are also called the Bibbulmun, and they are indigenous Australians from the Perth region. This track is for walkers only, and is signposted with yellow triangular markers that symbolize the Waugal. The Waugal is the rainbow serpent of the Aboriginal Dreaming. These trail markers are 500m apart on the track, and they are more frequent when there’s an intersection with other tracks, or when the track takes a turn. You should expect a platter of Australia’s native wildlife and lush greenery. Do remember that you need to equip yourself with durable outdoor camping gear due to the length and conditions of the track!

What it offers

Walkers should know that the track features towering karri and tingle forests along with mist-shrouded valleys, giant granite boulders and stunning coastal heathlands. Should you take on this track, you’ll stumble upon some of the most beautiful national parks of the south west forests and coastline. It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to walk the whole track (every step of the way), but if you want to, you can register yourself as an ‘end-to-ender’. You also have the freedom to choose whether you wish to enjoy a gentle stroll, where you’ll indulge in natural beauties and peace, or you can also opt for an epic eight-week adventure. If you want a great wilderness experience, you can go for camping out,  joining a guided tour, or doing it in comfort by staying in the towns along the track and enjoying day walks in the region.

Itinerary details

It’s worth mentioning that the track passes through Dwellingup, Collie, Balingup, Donnelly River Village, Pemberton, Northcliffe, Walpole, Peaceful Bay and Denmark. You should be aware of the fact that this track is a linear walk. Therefore, if you don’t want to retrace your steps, you need to do some planning. Don’t think, however, that it is hard to retrace. Many of the towns found on the track are accessible by public transport, and you can always arrange a car shuffle, or simply ask someone to drop you off, and then collect you at the other end. It’s also really important to know that it is not possible to walk the consecutive sections of the track as day walks! Some sections have many days between permitted access points and long distances between towns.

When it comes to facilities, there are quite a few of those that significantly enhance your walking experience. Boardwalks, well-positioned lookouts and footbridges all form a part of the track. It’s also interesting that there are 49 campsites along the track which are placed a day’s walk apart from each other. Each campsite features a three-sided timber shelter, a sit-down pedestal pit toilet, rainwater tank, picnic tables and tent sites. On top of that, various campsites have a fireplace.


All in all, this track is a real treat for all of you outdoors lovers. When you complete it, it is guaranteed that you’ll be feeling awesome. Equip yourself well, buy a map and a guidebook, and you should be good to go. Reading about the Bibbulmun Track is nothing compared to actually walking it! So, get moving!

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