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Top 5 Tips for Conquering the Temple Gorge Trail

If you are a true outdoorsman (or woman) you have probably heard about the wonders and natural beauties that await at Kennedy Range National Park in Western Australia. Located a whopping 1047 kilometres north of Perth, and 245 km east of Carnarvon, the Kennedy Range Park covers 319,037 hectares of land and is home to rich wildlife with 20 recorded mammal species, 100 bird species and 33 reptile species - truly an adventurous setting.

Inside this national park there is a moderate difficulty level trail, known as the Temple Gorge Trail, and it is a favourite among seasoned trail enthusiasts and novices alike. The beautiful thing about this short but riveting walk is that it is suitable for most fitness levels, so if you were wondering where to take the family for a fun adventure in the great outback, look no further. Here are the top five tips for conquering Temple Gorge.

Walking the trail

The Kennedy Ranges NP campsite is nestled in the eastern shadows of the Ranges and it is the spot from where you will begin your trail walk. The trail itself is only 2 kilometres long and you should devote at least two hours of your time to reaching the end and walking back to the camping grounds.

Although the walk might seem a brisk one, the trail features numerous natural beauties and of course, the prominent rock face referred to as The Temple at the first part of the trail, and is categorized as a class 3 path. The left fork of the road is fairly easy to traverse, aside from a few steep step-ups.

On the other hand, you have the opportunity to venture left, and take on a class 4 trail that is longer and more difficult to traverse with the route leading to a small seasonal rock pool at the end. The water in the pool is not safe for consumption.

Staying safe

Although the Department of Parks and Wildlife have ensured a safe camping experience to the best of their abilities, you should always keep in mind that you are venturing into semi-untamed Aussie outback, and while there is no realistic possibility of encountering wild animals, you should be wary of snakes and other dangerous reptiles. However, these animals do stay clear of humans.

On a more important note, keep in mind that the weather can reach extreme conditions during the summer months, and unfortunately, can get quite hot during wintertime as well, due to the harsh arid climate. This means that you need to bring ample water supplies, no matter the length of the trail. A large bottle carrying at least 1,5 litres of water is a must.

The necessary equipment

In addition to your standard camping equipment, you'll need to bring some additional things due to the park's arid climate. Sturdy boots, water bottles, solar chargers, first aid kits, sturdy camping tents, sun hats and food supplies are essential.

For a complete experience, don’t forget to bring your camera, diverse clothes, trail snacks, high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses and a map of the national park.

In case you decide to camp

Camping is allowed at the park’s designated campsite where you will have access to a community campfire and the facilities, although there is no water and no electricity provided. Individual campfires are strictly prohibited.

While you might be tempted by the idea, you should refrain from setting camp outside the camping grounds for your own safety. Camping fees do apply: $7.50/adult/night, $2.20/school aged children under 16/night, $5.50/concession card holder/night.

Getting back

On your way back to the camping grounds, you can take a different path depending on the path you took when you started. If you took a straight path, you can take a right turn at the fork and walk a detour around the main road, leading you further down the trail that takes another 15 minutes to complete.


The Temple Gorge trail is a wonderful family-friendly experience, filled with natural beauties imbued with a sense of true Aussie outback. Hopefully, these top five tips will help make your Kennedy Ranges visit as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.


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Comment by Trailtalk Admin on September 13, 2017 at 5:04pm

Thanks for posting about this trail Isla.  Anyone who's interested in more detail you can find the trail on the Trails WA website

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