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While in Colorado, I was impressed with the creative funding ideas.

I saw these beer taps made out of bike parts, then i looked at the sign next to it.

Ill enlarge it. The Mtbers themselves are proactive in sourcing long term sustainable funding, so there is no failure in projects from lack of Government support. I guess WA mtb community could change their ways and become more creative in funding sources.

The Pizza cafe around the corner donates 5% of all profits to trail maintenance... because... their clients ride the trails. No Trails, No customers.

The towns also have a lofge tax tax for accomdation which goes towards trail maintenance. Again customers are riding and staying there, No trails no customers

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Comment by Trailtalk Admin on April 19, 2019 at 11:36am

Some great ideas there - and good to see the local businesses supporting the trail maintenance.

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