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Wals Trail

Been a while since I had ridden this trail.

Built it many years ago as a connecting bit of single track to the outer circuit.

It's technically not a black trail any more  but a blue in difficulty. 

I guess there is scope to bring it up to its full name and ability 

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Comment by findusoutdoors on January 7, 2021 at 7:00am

Hi John, this post made me remember a question I had. I went for a ride around the Collie River the other day and my GPS tracker showed a trail on the opposite of the river (from town) all the way along and said "Wals Trail" 

I attempted the trail but had to turn back due to over growth. Is this an old one, or unused? Was I not suppose to be there haha. Would be awesome if it was there and you could do a full loop along the riverside.

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