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My latest road trip was down South to Busselton, Cape Naturalist, Canal Rocks, Smith’s Beach, Yallingup, Dunsborough and Margaret River. It was the long weekend which meant that I had time on my side. Besides wine tasting and eating at incredible local places, I did manage to complete a few walks on some of the trails in the area. I was surprised how many trails are down there and they ranged in length (30 minutes to 6 days) and difficulty (Easy – Difficult).

Figure 1: Yallingup Beach. You can walk to Smiths Beach from here

Before I go on....

If you had read my previous blog, this was MEANT to go and do the Cape to Cape Trail over the Long Weekend. (I had time dedicated to do this including a few additional days after the long weekend.) Well, everything that could stop me unfortunately did so I have had to reschedule it. Firstly, the mate I was going to go with bailed on me the day before we were heading down. (The one that had the tent and other cooking things – so it was a lose-lose situation on all ends). Secondly temperatures were expected to be over 38 degrees so there was no way I was going to be walking along the coast with no shade. Mother Nature must have not wanted me to complete it this time around! Don’t worry, it is back on my goal list so will keep you all posted of when I am on it. If anyone does want to join me feel free to as I love company.

Figure 2: Instead of the Cape to Cape we walked to "Access for More"

No Cape to Cape what did this mean? .... Thank goodness I had Plan B saved up my sleeve (I’m always filled with plan A, B, C as travel has taught me this. You really have to be flexible as you just never know what can happen on the day.)

Plan B….

My back up plan was to go on the smaller hikes in the Cape Naturalist region. Some were as short as 30 minutes and some where a few hours. Each pathway is well sign posted and all levels of fitness are covered. The best part about these shorter trails… they were all on the coast so you could go for a dip in the ocean to cool off before the midday sun spiked.

I could list all the trails that I completed over the weekend but how boring would that be plus you can just go onto and see them for your selves. Instead I’m going to give you an overview of them. GO AND DO THEM AS THEY ARE WONDERFUL. That is my summary! Don’t hold back, get in the car and drive down and see some beautiful coastline and nature around. Literally if you live in Perth like I do, find a weekend and do the drive down (It is only like 3 hours) and hit these trails up. You won’t be disappointed.

Figure 3: Walking to the Whale Lookout, Cape Naturalist

One of the highlights for me was watching the sun set over Sugar Loaf Rock. We walked from Cape Naturalist down on the path to Sugar Loaf Rock then got picked up from there. Thanks Mum! Another beautiful walk was from Yallingup down to Smiths Beach. There is something about the coast line down there that captures my heart and makes me feel alive. Like I said, there are so many trials down there; you could spend a few days exploring them. Which ones have you walked on and which are your favourites?

Figure 4: Watching the sunset over Sugar loaf Rock


To conclude,

I may not have done my original hike, The Cape to Cape, but the other small hikes that I went on where just as breathtaking, beautiful and wonderful. Moral of the story, always be adaptable and be open for any exciting activity. That is what travel is about isn’t it? If plan A doesn’t work, how do you create a new memorable adventure? Share your stories below.

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