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Hi Guys

We have had some pretty spectacular trails conferences in WA over the past few years. Next year there is a thought that it could be moved into the second half of the year. I am interested in hearing your thoughts on best/worst times of the year; whether you want an international keynote; a full day or a series of half days? Also should we introduce a small fee of say $50 to cover some of the costs? Do you want an optional second day with a training/practical focus?

Interested in your thoughts.

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An International speaker that can tour the SW speaking to smaller groups would be great..

Depending on agenda maybe a choice of approaches.

If it is general trails from snorkeling through to off road bike to bush-walking one full day would be fine and held in a regional location would be great. 

If there are dedicated sessions to say cycling and walking, it may be better to have half day sessions so people can choose what they attend.

As for an International Key Note. There are lot of Aussies that shine in the field of outdoor inspirational keynote speaking. However, whoever you choose I think they need to be expert in the field of trails, not someone who was sponsored (generally in the name of charity) to be the first to "scout pace" or hop on the left leg or ride a Penny Farthing from Mawson Base to Heard Island (now that would be a feat). Someone who no matter your mode of trailing can open minds.

And anywhere in the SW would be great John, Walpole even better.

Alex Williams

Request #1.

Troy Rarick from USA Fruita.

Great laid back speaker, giving a perspective on the bussiness of trails and how they can transform a town.

All the pluses and mistakes to avoid when starting to bring the tourism to town

At the same time, not forgetting the fun or "wow" factor of what the trails are all about. (which sometimes get missed with too much technical talk at conferences)


Hi Wal, sorry I have just found this email... a little late but I have heard Troy and Nic are coming to town and want to dicuss with someone about using a bit of their time whilst here and how we can get some trail training in as  well.


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