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Hello everyone. Have anyone done the costal plain walk in the last 12 months? Only detailed info I can find was back in 2013. My main interest is trail condition, is it easy to get lost? How are the shelter conditions? Thanks in advance.

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Cannot help on any specifics as I haven't bothered it with for a few years but what comments I have heard are not positive. I believe one campsite might have been closed; Springybark maybe.


Hi Andrew. Thanks. What sort of comment have you heard please?

The comments have been around anti-social behaviour; damage to campsites and in particular the one which I believed was closed and the use of motorbikes on the trail ripping it up. I have personally experienced the motorbike issues  myself on a couple of walks of the trail. I don't assume that has improved recently?

The last time I walked it, which was quite a fews ago now there were problems with water tanks (damaged and/or low) which may have been addressed of course. On the other hand trail markers were good then.

Personally I would now only do an easy overnighter into the campsite at the Yanchep end and maybe the before it; i.e., where the rangers are more likely to keep an eye on them.

Thanks for the info!

Have just received an update from Department of Parks and Wildlife:

Upgrades are taking place at the moment on the Coastal Plains Walktrail. 

All trail markers have all been replaced in the last 12 months.

Upgrades are soon to commence on the Moitch and Ridges campsites.  The upgrades will include new park furniture, resealing of the wood surfaces, replacement of signage and limestone sheeting of the campsite surrounds at Moitch campsite.

Some sections of the trail which currently run through soft grey sand sections between Moitch campsite and Yanchep National Park are to be surfaced with limestone and the preparation for those works have commenced recently.  The section between Moitch Campsite and Neaves Road will be considered as funds allow.

The Prickly Bark Campsite has been closed due to anti-social behaviour.  The trail now runs from Neaves Road to Yanchep National Park.

Parks and Wildlife are aware of the use of motorbikes on some sections of the trail and will be putting in place barriers where the trail intersects roads to discourage motorbike use.

Please contact Brett Fitzgerald at Parks and Wildlife Swan Coastal District on 93037700 if you would like  more information.

Something to be aware of is that Ticks can be prevelant on this trail - so make sure you wear protective clothing and use repellent.

Cheers, Linda


Thanks Linda and good to hear some TLC is in play.

Thank you very much!

Was just on the trail this weekend and some of these improvements have taken place but not all. Beware no water tank at Ridges. Am in the process of doing a more thorough write up to share. The trail was very much enjoyed.

Thanks Louise - look forward to reading the write-up :)



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