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Hi Guys,

There's just been an announcement that the trail through the Fitzgerald National Park has been stopped and it's now not going to be a through trail, but two bookended trails coming in from either side of the Park. Have a look at this link if you'd like any more information.


Mike Wood

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Looks like they are cracking down on sensitive areas with visitors and recreation activity.

Hi John,

I think this is more of a one off for the Fitzgerald specifically. But we are going to see the Water Corp and the Department of Water doing some cracking down soon on trails in water catchments. They are already quoting the finding of the Parlimentary Committee at us in regards to trails events. And the Rogainers have had to cancel events due to the Water Corp denying them permission.

With dieback, water restriction zones, mining leases, natioanl parks, aensitive ares,  there is not a lot of state forest left over with easy access to have fun in. Its not getting any easier for tail advocates.

Looks like it will be a four-day coastal walk trail between Hamersley Inlet and Point Ann with overnight camping areas a day's walk apart at Quoin Head, Twin Bays and Fitzgerald Inlet.


A map of the alignment can be downloaded here - or visit the link above for more info including the concept plans.



Oops - the map shows the original proposal.  Following on from Mike's comment above, what the Minister has actually approved is two short-distance walk tails on either side of the wilderness area.  From Point Ann to Fitzgerald Inlet and from Hamersley Inlet to Quion head.  See Minister's announcement.



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