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Hakea and Mamang Walk Trails - Fitzegerald River National Park


I was just wondering if anyone has experience with either the Hakea Walk Trail or the Mamang Walk Trail or both walk trails? Thinking of the possibility of riding these tracks along with interconnecting 4WD tracks on my fatbike as a way of getting through from Hopetoun to Bremer Bay. I know there is 4WD access to various points along here but would like to go east west if possible.

Also pre the re-development of Point Ann there was a water tank there. Does anyone know if there is still one there by any chance?

Finally there was a suggestion of limited water at Hamersley Inlet Campground. Can anyone confirm if a water tank is in fact there?

I gather there is no water at Whalebone Creek Campground or Fitzgerald Inlet Campground.


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Hi Andrew,

The Long Way's Better were there last year (

Donovan might be a good person to get in touch with with regards to your questions.

- Mark

Thanks Mark. I missed that in my Google searching. Looks like a very helpful write-up.


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