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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone wished to share their experiences walking the Sika Circuit in Wellington National Park.  I have read that it is easier to walk it in a clockwise direction, is this true?  Also are their trail markers for both directions and is their a map available?  I do have the mud map from the CALM book, Bushwalks in the South west.

Thank you for any help anyone can provide.



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Back in 2011 it was described here as being marked with trail markers. Apparently part of it is used for the Munda Biddi Trail but I cannot recall noticing the Sika Circuit trail makers when I rode the Munda Biddi.

It is also described (briefly) in the original Bibbulum Track guide book which was published in 1979.


Thanks Andrew, I was aware it was part of the original Bibbulmun Track alignment.  I have contacted DPaw, so hopefully they can provide me with the necessary answers.

For those of you who may be interested.  Dpaw got back to me this morning and let me know there are trail markers for both directions and also sent me this map.


Excellent and thanks for sharing Craig and doing the follow-up.

Hello Craig

If you do walk or ride this trail I would really like to add it to the Trails WA website.  Just need the gps coordinates and some photos!

Cheers, Linda

If I do I will get some photos for you. Is there an app that I can download that helps with the GPS coordinates?

Hi again Craig

You could try downloading All Trails App to your phone - you can use it to track your trip.



I do use map my walk which does show the route walked, but would that be useful?
Bad news. I had planned to go this Friday but something has come up and have to put it on the backburner. Do not know when I will be able to go again as I work most weekends

The sika circuit is great. used to be the SW mtb club regular social ride.

it has 'you are here maps' so you wont get lost around the circuit.

Good example of a dual use trail.

Thanks John


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