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I'm wondering what people think of the annual Trek the Trail event ?

Mundaring Shire announced last week it has the event targeted for removal in an effort to identify how a "reduction in services could help achieve lower rate increases"

What are your thoughts on the success of the event? should it be retained?

Would you pay for a sustainable trails event?

Trek the Trail (annual event)

Action proposed: Cease provision of annual walking/cycling event along Railway Reserves Heritage Trail.
Impact on the community: Event will no longer be held.

"Part of that process involved looking at the need to stop or reduce certain services we currently provide to the community in order to achieve the expenditure reduction required to lower the rate increases," Cr Lavell said.

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Wasn't aware of event and hence wonder if it was well promoted or attracted a significant level of participation. If hasn't attracted a significant level of participation then I wouldn't feel that concerned as to its demise.

This event attracted hundreds (thousands?) of people each year- and had a really good community feel about it.  It was a great family friendly event with both walking and cycling options. In the past few years it fell victim to the weather - it may have been cancelled three years in a row due to storms?  This may have stopped the momentum.

Personally, I think there are too few events like this and it would be a shame to stop it. I discovered new places and went up to the hills specifically for the event.  Particularly when my kids were young as there was artwork/music and other things along the trail to keep them interested and happy. 

I had not heard of this event either, but if the event was as popular as LInda has said, then the council should consider more than just the direct costs of the event, but also consider the socio-economic benefits its brings to the region before making a decision


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