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Hi fellow bushwalker,

I'm Planning to walk the Finke river from stuart Highway to Glen Helen gorges then following the Larapinta trail to Alice spring. Here is the map:

My concern is about the salinity of the waterholes which would be the main source of water supply.

I know by experience that temporary river system tend to have some degree of water salinity. What's your opinion about this walk? is it doable?

My background: I walked the 18 000km stretching from France to Australia. a 7 years walk during which I gain an extensive experience of self-sufficient trekking in deep wilderness, including the arid/desert environment (Kazakhstan steppes, Taklamakan desert, Tibetan High plateau)
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Hope you'll take time to share you expertise

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Sorry cannot help you on the Finke River, but if you don't get much help here I suggest posting in the Bushwalking Forums. A broader readership who may have more extensive experience.

thanks for the advise. I already did :) trying to maximize my chance hehe


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