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We had over 20 people turn up for the day.
Being mothers day it was far more than expected.
Jake Hannah from WAMBA turned up with a crew from Perth to give a hand for the morning. Thanks Jake.
The trail is cleared right thru now, however some small sections still need polishing, Just bear with us for a week or two, before its completely finished and we are able to open it up properly.

It will be a complete re-design of the track, using some sections of the existing grizz trail as up and down sections. Just stick with what you know for riding, untill we get a chance to mark it out more clearly, as it may seem a little confusing to begin with.

We have  included as many features as possible which will be built up correctly over time.
The track is fresh and raw, expect it to be a little soft and rough until it beds in a little.

Overall there is something for every one on this track. the up section is close to 7.8 km long.
The down section will be aprox 7 km long.

Many thanks to the volunteers who turned up for the day. And a big thank you to Allan from DEC providing the tools, Sausage sizzle and drinks to keep the workforce energised.

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