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Purnululu is one of only 4 World Heritage listed sites in WA and as expected the scenery is stunning. Purnululu means ‘sandstone’ and is home to the iconic Bungle Bungles; incredible dome shaped, sandstone mounds, featuring distinctive orange and black banding.

The park is only open in the ‘dry season’ from April to December, depending on the weather and rains. You will need high clearance 4WD to access the park and remember to carry way more drinking water than usual in this climate.…


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Karijini offers some of the most amazing hiking experiences in WA; including easy short walks to lookouts with breath taking views and challenging Class 5 hikes that take you deep into the gorges below. Climb down ladders and steps, wade through deep pools and balance on narrow ledges to get to some of the most amazing places on earth!

The best time to visit is between April and September when the weather is cooler.

NOTE- Please do not attempt to continue further along the…


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The Shark Bay World Heritage area is located at the most western point of Australia,  just over 800 km north of Perth and is home to a unique  collection of plants and wildlife, found nowhere else I the world. With a mixture of dramatic sandstone cliffs overlooking shallow sandy bays, miles of beach made entirely of small white shells and the strange shapes of the stromatolites - the oldest form of life on earth, Shark Bay lives up to its reputation as a World Heritage area.

We have…


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Hyden is located about four hours south east of Perth and home to some amazing rock formations and hiking trails.

Climb the popular Wave Rock and then take the easy stroll down to the Breakers or Hippo’s Yawn. Follow the Wave Rock Walk Circuit, past the salt lakes to Lake Magic and back to town or take a short drive north of Hyden to The Humps where there are two more trails to tackle. Learn about life for the Noongar people who…


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5 Stunning Trails in Kalbarri NP

Kalbarri is well known for iconic images of stunning, colourfully banded, Tumblagooda Sandstone cliffs, set against wide blue skies and the shimmering blue of the Indian Ocean.

Many people visit for the fishing or the surf, but there are several amazing walk trails to explore as well. In spring the wildflowers are spectacular!

Choose between short walks to the various lookouts throughout the National Park, medium length hikes for those seeking a bit more of a challenge and epic…


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The Turquoise Coast is known for its stunning beaches, amazing wildflowers, fantastic fishing and awesome camping spots, but go off the beaten track on one of these stunning scenic trails and you will see the very best of this amazing part of WA. Explore Lesueur NP during the wildflower season, go underground in the Stockyard Gully Cave, take in the panoramic ocean views along the Turquoise Coast Walk Trail, Jurien, observe bird life, river and coastal views on the Thungara Trails at…


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5 Trail Apps to Download in 2021

When I first started hiking as a kid, I always relied on my parents to lead the way and get us safely to our destination. I remember unfolding the large Bibbulmun Track maps and dad teaching us how to read elevations, distances and what all the colours and logos meant. I cherished the maps and still have most of them floating around somewhere. These days, however, map navigation has progressed to online databases and apps, accessible in the…


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How Nature is Good for our health and happiness, review

There are a growing number of studies and campaigns that provide evidence that a connection with nature makes us healthier and happier, something that nature lovers would argue with some of us.

And now a recent assessment of the UK's first month-long nature challenge, which took last year and involved people doing "something wild every day" for 30 consecutive…


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Wals Trail

Wals Trail

Been a while since I had ridden this trail.

Built it many years ago as a connecting bit of single track to the outer circuit.

It's technically not a black trail any more  but a blue in difficulty. 

I guess there is scope to bring it up to its full name and ability …


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Head for the Hills this autumn.

As the weather is starting to cool down it's the perfect time to start planning some adventures for autumn. We've curated a list of great trails to explore in and around Perth and the Perth Hills.

Head out on one or more of these trails - and Find yourself in amazing places!

Eagle View Walk Trail, John Forest…


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First Hike Project Report: The Wiilman Bilya Trail

Like playing table tennis, holding hands and having a conversation, there are some things that just cannot be done alone! Putting together a successful hike is one of these things.

Over the weekend of October 12-13th First Hike project had a hike planned along the Wellington Spur Trail, the notice of intent form was in and approved, our volunteers had their…


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Top 5 summer strolls in Perth

Firstly, if you’re planning on exploring a walk trail this summer; here are a few tips to remember:

  • Don’t overestimate your abilities.  Choose a trail that is suitable for the least fit or youngest member of your walking group.
  • Avoid walking during the hottest part of the day. Start early to skip the heat.  
  • Tell someone where you are walking and what time you expect to be back.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after your walk.…

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A Flexible Itinerary for 3 Days in Sydney

Sydney is a world-famous metropolis and as such, it requires days or even weeks for a full tour and a real thorough experience of everything it has to offer. However, many of us simply pass through Sydney on our journey through the Land Down Under. So, even you don’t have…


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A Simple Travel Guide to North America

North American wanderlust is a unique kind of feeling - a notion yet to be named. It’s this special sentiment resembling something you may feel on a modern-day pilgrimage – not to a certain place, but through an entire country, following a faint scent of Route 66…


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Bike week 2019

Bike Week WA 2019

Ok I have recycled a curbside rubbish pickup bike into a town bike. new brake-pads, new chain, cables n old seat (total $50). + Serious clean up.

Road though town saying hi to Mick Murray (department of sport n Rec), Erik from Crankn Cycles, Greg Pie n everyone else.

fun bike.

Have forgotten what its like to ride a non suspension, feeling every bump.…


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Best Trails to Explore near Sydney

Sydney itself is a wonderful urbanity to explore. The diverse assembly of suburbs has so much to offer in terms of layout, topography and sights, you’ll hardly get a chance to cover it all during a singular visit. However, you may just be looking for something completely different - a hiking adventure away from the sidewalk verve. If you are excited by the idea of exploring the outskirts of the Harbour City, here are the best trails to explore near…


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Trail Funding

While in Colorado, I was impressed with the creative funding ideas.

I saw these beer taps made out of bike parts, then i looked at the sign next to it.

Ill enlarge it. The Mtbers themselves are proactive in sourcing long term sustainable funding, so there is no failure in projects from lack of Government support.…


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All you Need to Know about Cape to Cape Track, Margaret River region, West Australia

Western Australia is often overshadowed by New South Wales as a tourist trap. As a matter of fact, Victoria, Queensland and Even Northern Territories are more renowned for their (often) extreme topographical highlights than the western coast of the continent. This is a true shame because Western Australia has just as much to offer, if not more. Discovering particular highlights can be a real treat.…


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The Trail Summit

International MTB trails summit in Fruita Colorado.

Riding awesome places around the world

Its been a while since Ive been to a major trail conference, but the chance has come around to attend "The Trails Summit" in Fruita Colorado.

3 days of presentations, workshops and panel sessions with some of the best presenters in world.



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Hiking with Dogs - Kalamunda Rail Trail

We recently did this walk with Young Perth Hikers - check out more details at The Ruff Lyfe blog

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