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well the adventure began today, we were dropped off at our starting point on Bussell Highway, the entrance to Gracetown - it wasn't until all the gear was actually on my back that I started to wonder - what on earth possessed me to agree to this !

I had promissed myself I would do an hours walking a day for three months leading up to this walk, as I hadn't done any excercising for years. But! I didn't do anything! - now I was beginning to stress.

My brother in-law (ex SAS) was already setting the pace and was off - (note to self - what on earth were you thinking ! going on a 5 day bushwalk with an ex military trained boot camp brother in law!??? ) I seemed to have conveniently forgotten his background while I was imagining this leasurily walk through some gorgeous countryside.

But here I was - watching the rest of the group set off at a cracking pace, left with no other choice but to join them, wondering how far I would get before my heart would give in, I gave myself 2km's

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