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Karijini offers some of the most amazing hiking experiences in WA; including easy short walks to lookouts with breath taking views and challenging Class 5 hikes that take you deep into the gorges below. Climb down ladders and steps, wade through deep pools and balance on narrow ledges to get to some of the most amazing places on earth!

The best time to visit is between April and September when the weather is cooler.

NOTE- Please do not attempt to continue further along the gorges than signed, without joining a tour group providing specialized safety equipment and expertise.


Photo - Dan Roissetter   

Time: Half a day

Distance: 1.5km return

Difficulty: Class 5

Trail Start: Weano Gorge car park

Hancock Gorge takes you on an amazing journey through the gorge system. The fun starts with a steep descent into the gorge via a ladder attached to the rock face. This gorge is very narrow compared to others in the park and more challenging to negotiate.

It is well known for the Spider Walk where you need to straddle a narrow section of the gorge and support yourself with both hands and feet and shuffle along.  Another section has you walking on a narrow ledge above the water, but it is so worth the effort when you arrive at Kermits Pool at the end of the trail.


Time: 1 hour or longer if you want to bring a picnic

Distance: 1km return

Difficulty: Class 4

Trail Start: At the Hamersley Gorge car park

Hamersley Gorge is one of the easier gorges to access in Karijini NP and a great place to spend a lazy day swimming and relaxing after tackling some of the more strenuous hikes in the park. There is a lookout near the carpark where you can see down into the pool below and plenty of room to spread out the picnic blanket on the rocks near the water. The iconic Spa Pool is located in Hamersley Gorge and much safer and easier to access these days with a ladder provided to reach the upper pool.




Time: Half a day

Distance: 1.5 return

Difficulty: Class 5

Trail Start: Weano Gorge car park

The climb down into Weano Gorge is fairly easy, but then the fun begins. There is a pool you need to wade across and the water level can be anything from ankle deep to up to your waste. Next you come to a narrow chasm that can be a bit tricky to negotiate as the bottom is worn very smooth from years of water flowing over it. The final section opens up to a beautiful swimming hole, but first you need to lower yourself down a vertical rock face with the help of a handrail. These days they have provided footholds, making it much more manageable.



Time: Half a day

Distance: 2 km

Difficulty: Class 3

Trail Start: Fortescue Falls car park

Everyone loves a waterfall and Dales Gorge has two. Starting from Fortescue Falls carpark, the Gorge Rim Walk takes you along the top of the cliff all the way to the Circular Pool lookout. From here you retrace your steps and descend into the gorge via a ladder and steep path. Unfortunately the side trail into Circular Pool is closed indefinitely after recent rock falls, but you can still follow the gorge in the other direction all the way to Fortescue Falls and Fern Pool. Sitting under the rock ledge at Fern Pool is rather special with the water cascading in front of you.


Time: 2-3 hours

Distance: Less than 1 km for all four

Difficulty: Class 1/2

Trail Start: Knox, Oxer and Joffre Falls carparks

If you are not up for a serious hike you can still enjoy some of the best views in Karijini from these lookouts. Oxer and Junction Pool Lookouts can be accessed from the Weano Gorge car park and provide breath taking views down into the depths of the gorges.

Knox Lookout and Joffre Falls are about 4 km apart along the Joffre Falls road and only a short walk from the relevant car parks. Both lookouts offer spectacular views down into the gorges. Joffre Falls is about 50 metres high and absolutely stunning after a lot of rain.


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