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When you think of waterfalls, Perth isn’t usually the first location that springs to mind.

However, our city is home to quite a few, and thanks to the winter rains, they’re looking more spectacular than ever.  At Trails WA, we think there is no better way to enjoy these watery wonders than on a bushwalk, so we’ve put together a list of Perth’s top 5 waterfalls and the trails that will lead you to them.


1.    Lesmurdie Falls Walk

Lesmurdie Falls is probably Perth’s best-known waterfall - and for good reason. During winter and spring, this impressive high waterfall cascades over the edge of the escarpment, creating a picture perfect scene that attracts tourists and locals alike. The Lesmurdie Falls Walk starts by heading to a lookout that offers excellent views of both the waterfall and the Swan Coastal Plain. The trail then takes you down the hillside to the base of the falls.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can climb the rocks at the base and touch the waterfall as it runs down the rock face. Once you’ve had enough exploring, it’s a steep walk back to the top of the trail - unless you can persuade someone to pick you up from the bottom carpark located on Palm Terrace!


2. Sixty Foot Falls Walk

Sixty Foot Falls is a high waterfall located in Ellis Brook Valley Reserve. This waterfall can be temperamental, taking a few heavy rains before it decides to run. However when it does, it’s amazing with a heavy torrent of water pouring over a brightly coloured rock face.

The best way to view it is on The Sixty Foot Falls Walk, a 2km trail that takes you to the top of the falls, rewarding you with magnificent views of the city and valley along the way. Coming down the trail leads you past the old Barrington Quarry. With its high, jagged cliffs and green water, the quarry will definitely have you reaching for your camera. For even more scenery, visit during spring when colourful wildflowers fill the valley.

Sixty Foot Falls by Mark Molinari


3. Eagle View Trail

The Eagle View Trail is not only one of Perth’s most loved trails, it gives you double the waterfall for your walk. At one end of the 15km loop trail you’ll pass National Park Falls, a waterfall that tumbles over several large boulders and offers views over Jane Brook and beyond. At the other end, you’ll find Hovea Falls, a pretty, low waterfall that runs over a large granite outcrop. Both make the perfect spot to stop for lunch and a rest. If you’re looking for a shorter walk, you can access both waterfalls by following a section of the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail from the John Forrest National Park car park.

                                                                                                                       Hovea Falls by Tourism WA


4. Serpentine Falls Walk

Serpentine Falls is the closest you’ll get to visiting the Kimberley without venturing too far from Perth. This small waterfall cascades over a granite outcrop into a turquoise pool that is deep enough for swimming. During the warmer months, these falls are an extremely popular swimming and picnic spot, so now is the time to visit if you want to escape the crowds.

The Serpentine Falls Walk is a short, wheel-chair accessible trail that leads you to the falls and the viewing platform. For a longer hike, check out either Baldwins Bluff Nature Track or Kitty’s Gorge Walk Track – both excellent trails for exploring Serpentine Falls and the surrounding gorge.

5. Noble Falls Walk  

The Noble Falls Walk Trail is a waterfall walk the whole family can enjoy, including your four-legged friends. The 3.6km trail begins in the parking area adjacent to Noble Falls, making it easy to access and explore this low and wide waterfall. The trail then follows the Wooroloo Brook, leading into a nature reserve that offers plenty of bird watching opportunities and pretty wildflowers during the spring. Once you’ve finished the walk, you can soak up more waterfall scenery with a BBQ in the Noble Falls picnic area. 


If you walk any of these trails, please rate and review them on the Trails WA website and upload your best photos.

You can also download all these trails to your iphone with the Trails WA App.

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