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Hyden is located about four hours south east of Perth and home to some amazing rock formations and hiking trails.

Climb the popular Wave Rock and then take the easy stroll down to the Breakers or Hippo’s Yawn. Follow the Wave Rock Walk Circuit, past the salt lakes to Lake Magic and back to town or take a short drive north of Hyden to The Humps where there are two more trails to tackle. Learn about life for the Noongar people who lived in the area, on the Gnamma Trail, before climbing high above the surrounding farmlands on the Kalari Trail.

If you visit during spring – August/September, you will be treated to an amazing display of colourful wildflowers.

**These trails are all dog friendly; with the exception of the top of Wave Rock, due to it being within the water catchment area.





Time: Less than 1 hour

Distance: 1.25 km loop

Difficulty: Grade 2

Trail Start: Wave Rock car park

Wave Rock is one of those iconic images of Western Australia, seen in all the glossy travel brochures, but it is actually a part of the bigger Hyden Rock, hence the name Hyden Rock Walk Trail. The trail takes you past a small dam that still provides water to the town of Hyden. There is a barrier constructed across the top of Wave Rock that channels water into the dam and also serves to prevent climbers from falling off the wave! Allow time to take in the panoramic views across farm land and salt lakes, including the amazingly coloured Lake Magic.





Time: Less than 1 hour

Distance: 1.4 return

Difficulty: Grade 1

Trail Start: Wave Rock car park

The Breakers are a group of huge granite ‘marbles’ that have been hollowed out by the elements over many years. They can be found a short walk away from the base of Wave Rock. The trail initially follows the same path as the trail to the top of Wave Rock, before branching off to the right to the Breakers. There are several spots along the way with interpretive panels providing fascinating information about how these strange rocks were formed and a nice shaded picnic area with tables and toilets at the end of the trail.





Time: Less than 1 hour

Distance: 1.7 loop

Difficulty: Grade 1

Trail Start: Wave Rock car park

Hippo’s Yawn Trail heads left at Wave Rock and follows the base of the rock all the way to the Hippo’s Yawn, a huge hollow rock that looks quite like a yawning Hippo!

The trail passes through a stand of Casuarina trees and gets progressively greener as you get further away from the Wave Rock water catchment and diversion. The stone and cement wall along the top of Wave Rock diverts rain water into a small dam, significantly reducing the runoff to the vegetation below. Keep an eye out for tiny ground orchids and elegant spider orchids.

From Hippo’s Yawn the trail heads through some open country before returning to the car park and where you started.




Time: 1-3 hours

Distance: 3.6 km loop

Difficulty: Grade 1

Trail Start: Wave Rock car park

Starting at Wave Rock car park, this trail will take you past the Hippo’s Yawn and through the salt lakes all the way to Lake Magic and the resort, before looping around and back to the shops, café and car park. It is flat all the way and you can choose to hike or ride a bike.

The salt lakes provide a stark landscape in the middle of the day, but can be stunningly beautiful in the early morning or at sunset when the white salt takes on the colours of the sky, silhouetting the skeletons of long dead trees.

Depending on when you visit the lakes could be completely dry or full of water, creating exciting opportunities for photographers to create stunning images.




Time: Less than 1 hour

Distance: 1.2

Difficulty: Grade 1

Trail Start: The Humps car park

The Gnamma Trail takes loops around at the base of The Humps (a massive rock outcrop) and provides an amazing window into life as a Noongar person in times gone by. You will pass gnamma holes, where they sourced drinking water and a lizard trap that was used to capture lizards for food. The interpretive signage explains various aspects of Noongar life, including both before and after European settlement.

The path is all flat and easy to navigate. From the Mulka’s Cave car park, head to your right where the trail will break into two. The Gnamma Trail is to the right.



Time: 1-3 hours

Distance: 1.8 km

Difficulty: Grade 3

Trail Start: The Humps car park

If you are looking for a challenge and have a head for heights, then the Kalari Trail is a must. The trail will take you to the very top of The Humps with 360 degree views out over the surrounding bush and farmland. In July/August the canola crops are flowing with a stunning display of bright yellow blooms.   

It is not a particularly difficult walk, but the last leg to the summit is quite steep. Avoid climbing when the rock is wet, as it becomes very slippery.

The name Kalari is the local Noongar word for lizard and after completing the trail, you will realize why!

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