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Top 5 Family Friendly Walks in the Geographe Region

Located just two hours out of Perth, the South West’s Geographe region is a great choice for a quick getaway. Stretching from Harvey in the North, Peppermint Grove Beach in the South and Donnybrook in the East, this region gives you a taste of a range of landscapes, including white sandy beaches, dense jarrah and tuart forests, lush farmland and river valleys. It’s also home to some wonderful short walk trails, perfect for you and the kids to explore. Here’s our five favourite family friendly trails – make sure to check them out on your next holiday!

1.Forest Path, Crooked Brook, Dardanup

Time: 1-3 hours

Length: 600 metres (Loop)

Difficulty:  Grade 1


The Forest Path is a hidden jewel for walkers of all abilities. One of our Top Trails, this short loop circles Crooked Brook, rewarding you with bushland scenery, a chorus of croaking frogs and pretty wildflowers in spring. This well designed path is sealed, which means easy access for wheelchairs and prams, even during the wetter months. Plus there are covered picnic tables and seating, so you can stop and enjoy a bite to eat after your walk. If you’re in the mood to stretch your legs, why not try the 3km Wildflower Walk or the 10km Marri Trail, both located nearby within the conservation park. 

Forest Path: Pelusey Photography


2. Mangrove Cove, Koombana Bay

Time: 1-3 hours

Length: 5km (Loop)

Difficulty: Easy

If you consider yourself a nature lover, you must visit Mangrove Cove. This easy 5km trail loops around Leschenault Inlet, which is home to over sixty species of water birds and most interestingly, the white mangrove. Usually, this kind of mangrove only grows in the Shark Bay area, making the Leschenault Inlet an important conservation area. You can see these unique plants up close by following the trail’s boardwalk right through the heart of mangroves. Another bonus of the trail is that it’s suitable for walking, bikes and wheelchairs, making it accessible for the whole family.

 Mangrove Cove: Pelusey Photography 

3. Kurliny Tjenangitj Walk Trail, Wellington NP

Time: 1-3 hours

Length: 9.5km (Complete Loop)

Difficulty: Moderate

The name Kurliiny Tjenangitj means ‘come and see’ in the Indigenous Nyoongar language. This name is also good advice as this trail offers plenty of scenery, including the much-loved campsite, Honeymoon Pool. The trail begins by taking you through lush forest, where’ll soon hit a steep incline. While it is a bit of climb, once you’ve reach the top you’ll be rewarded with fabulous views over the forest and Collie River. The complete loop trail is 9.5km but can be shortened to just 5km by walking straight from Honeymoon Pool to the lookout and back.

 View from the lookout on the Kurliny Tjenangitj trail: Department of Parks and Wildlife.


4. Eaton Foreshore Walk, Bunbury

Time: Less than 1 hour

Length: 5km

Difficulty:  Grade 1


The Eaton Foreshore Walk is a trail that is friendly to all family members, including the four-legged kind. A mix of boardwalks and rough gravel, this 5km circuit follows the banks of the Collie River. This gentle walk takes you past paperbarks, peppermint trees and sheoaks, as well as a number of lookouts where you can enjoy the river view – you might even spot one of the local bottlenose dolphins that often visit the river. Along this trail you’ll also find designated dog exercise areas where you can treat your pup to some time off the leash.

 Eaton Foreshore Walk: Pelusey Photography



 5. Preston River Indigenous Loop, Donnybrook

Time: Less than 1 hour

Length: 1.8 km (Loop)

Difficulty:  Grade 1

The Preston River Indigenous Loop is peaceful trail that takes you all the way back to the Dreamtime. Following the leafy banks of the Preston River, the 1.8km trail features interpretive signage that shares stories from Nyoongar Elders and information on the local plants and animals. The trail begins at the Waugyl sculpture and leads you along through native plant gardens, across a suspension bridge, past the weir and returns to the Donnybrook town site. As you walk along the trail, tread softly and you might be lucky to spot some of the local birdlife.

Preston River Loop: Pelusey Photography

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